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Whether your startup is at seed or Series A, we offer flexible office space for every stage of your business’s journey. Discover innovative workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms that foster creativity, collaboration, and connection.

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Private Office

We offer all-inclusive private offices that match your professional needs.

Virtual Office

Work from anywhere with the convenience of virtual office services.


Collaborate and work alongside business professionals in your field.

Meeting Rooms

Connect with your team online or in-person with our conference rooms.

Flexible Workspace Solutions

Want a workspace your company won’t outgrow? Our flexible solutions include communal workspaces, private and virtual offices, as well as meeting rooms. Additionally, our nationwide network of 75+ locations allows you to tap into a community of ambitious go-getters.

Private Office Space

  • We offer private offices on a month-to-month basis and longer-term leases.
  • All the perks of a communal workspace with the privacy of your own office.

Dedicated Desk

  • Guarantee your spot in an inspiring communal working area.
  • Locking cabinets to keep your belongings safe

Shared Workspace

  • Opportunities to collaborate with other creatives.
  • Month-to-month basis and longer-term.

Coworking Space

  • A professional, comfortable workspace available 24/7
  • A collaborative community of go-getters
  • High-speed Wi-Fi and ethernet access
  • On-site Business Center Manager
  • Discounted rates on conference and meeting rooms
  • Complimentary coffee and tea

Live Phone Answering

  • Professional Phone Answering to screen all phone calls
  • Streamlines your workday by sifting through solicitors and redirecting important calls

Business Address

  • Proudly share your business location without the need for a PO box
  • Direct your mail to a professional and secure location

Day Offices

  • Private, furnished offices that you can use for a couple of hours or days
  • Ultimate flexibility at a minimal expense

Meeting Spaces

  • Intimate spaces for brainstorming sessions
  • Tables that accommodate smaller teams

Conference Rooms

  • Private, comfortable spaces for larger groups
  • Office and shared workspace members get a set amount of free access

Training Rooms

  • Open layouts enhance your guest’s learning experience
  • Large or small training room facilities available

With over 75 locations nationwide, Office Evolution connects you to a robust community of dreamers and doers. We have more than 150 conference rooms and training spaces available for rent by the hour or by the day. Our conference rooms comfortably accommodate 4-12 people, and training rooms can hold 20+ participants. Take advantage of the wide variety of technology options in our conference rooms, including whiteboards, projectors, TVs, and video conferencing equipment. Check with your local location to see what conference room equipment and spaces are available.

Grow Your Business in Your Own Community

Located in the Burbs

Unlike our competitors, our office spaces are located close to home, just outside of your nearest metro area. Skip the hassle of an inner-city commute.

Solutions for Every Budget

We provide the right solutions for your need. Whether it’s a virtual address to run your business remotely or a dedicated office fit to your requirements – we have you covered.

Ongoing Support

Our Business Center Managers are dedicated to giving you (and your clients) an exceptional experience from the moment you walk through the door.

How and Where We Work Has Evolved

Founded in 2003, Office Evolution has always approached the private and virtual office space markets from a unique, entrepreneurial perspective. Our determination to offer sole proprietors and small businesses real business solutions has turned the idea of expensive executive offices and impersonal virtual office and coworking spaces on its head.

Since we started, we’ve helped grow hundreds of businesses and sole proprietorships by becoming a flexible, affordable piece of their business plan.

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