Women with a head set taking incoming calls

5 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist

As a busy professional, you struggle to keep up with incoming calls and voicemails. Yet the cost of a full-time receptionist is well outside your budget. What to do? One option you’ll want to consider is a virtual receptionist. At Office Evolution, our virtual receptionist services cost a fraction of what you’d spend on a personal receptionist while offering many of the same benefits.

To give you a sense of these benefits and how they’ll help your business, we’ve compiled a shortlist of five key reasons to sign up for our virtual answering service…

Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist

  1. Cost-Effective Call Management. Hiring a dedicated receptionist might sound like a dream come true, but it’s an expensive one. A full-time receptionist can cost nearly $30,000 per year in wages alone, and upwards of $35,000 once HR costs are factored in. A virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution, meanwhile, costs as little as $149 each month.
  2. Fewer Missed Connections. As useful as voicemail can be, the fact is that most callers — roughly 70% — hang up on answering machines before leaving a message. This can be a major source of lost leads for small businesses and independent professionals. A live answering service can significantly curb this problem, ensuring that every caller speaks with a real person.
  3. Better Customer Service. A virtual answering service is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost customer service. With a live receptionist, every call is fielded by a live agent, who will answer the phone with a friendly, personalized greeting. Agents are recruited for their customer service skills, providing a positive experience for your clients and a more polished professional image for your business.
  4. Improved Focus and Workflow. Many live answering services come with an option for call screening, helping you weed out disruptions from unwanted callers. At the same time, a virtual receptionist will help you cut down on administrative busywork, freeing up time for higher-priority tasks. On a basic live answering plan from Office Evolution, the typical client saves more than two hours every week.
  5. Virtual Office Functionality. Thanks to cloud computing and mobile technologies, many freelancers and small business owners are choosing to work from virtual offices. At Office Evolution, our virtual receptionist services make virtual office operations a breeze for local professionals. In addition to standalone phone answering services, we also offer our Professional Plan Plus, which includes a business address plan, meeting room rental discounts, and 24/7 access to our locations.

Office Evolution offers virtual receptionist services to professionals. Contact us today for additional information on our live receptionist plans.