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5 Reasons to Move Out of Your Home Office and Into a Private Office

For many tech business owners, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, and other entrepreneurs, working from home became the new normal after the pandemic. It’s hard not to love working from your bed while wearing pajamas and spending time with your family in between. However, this setup is not ideal for everyone.

A recent study on work habits reveals that the pandemic has increased work hours by 8.2% and influenced virtual meetings to last longer by 13%. People working from home tend to procrastinate, prioritize home tasks, and lose their focus.

If you feel like the work from home setup is not for you, it’s time to shift into a private office. You can look for an office for rent that DMV workers adore, like Office Evolution. Let’s look at five reasons to move out of your home office and straight into a coworking space.

1.   Build Your Reputation

No matter how hard we try to normalize wearing pajamas at home, clients won’t take us seriously if we don’t look like professionals. Apart from wearing our best clothes, we should also have a private office to meet with potential investors, clients, and employees.

At Office Evolution, we have everything you need to impress stakeholders. Here are a few features you can enjoy when you join us:

  • 50 Fully furnished, sound-proofed professional private offices
  • 2 state-of-the-art meeting rooms
  • On-site gym
  • Podcast studio
  • Day office rentals
  • Flexible coworking and shared workspaces
  • A business lounge
  • A nationwide network

2.   Boost Work-Life Balance

Working from home might offer many conveniences, but you also get stressed because it feels like your chores never stop.

People have strived to separate their professional and personal lives for years. Doing so helps individuals set boundaries, so they don’t have to bring their stress home. However, when you make your home your workspace, you blur the lines between your professional and personal lives.

It’s time to reclaim your home sanctuary by moving to an affordable, flexible office for rent.

3.   Expand Your Network

A FlexJobs survey reveals that workers miss physical interactions with colleagues and in-person meetings with other people. A WFH setting can get lonesome because of the lack of conversation.

However, if you pick a coworking space, you can enjoy social interactions — and even expand your network! In such a setup, you have the opportunity to build your community daily. You can connect with fellow members and help one another achieve your goals.

4.   Grow Your Business

As your business grows, you will find that working remotely 100% of the time can be challenging. However, it’s also not ideal to have your employees work in the office if that place is your home.

If your business has grown to the point where you need to gather teams, it’s time to think about moving out of your home and into a private office.

5.   Regain Focus

One study on supertaskers reveals that only 2.5% of people worldwide can multitask effectively. Juggling daily tasks is tedious enough; imagine adding crying babies and TV time to the equation!

If you’re like 97.5% of the population who can’t multitask, working from a private office can help you regain your focus. Doing so can help you boost your productivity and become the work superstar you were meant to be.

Find a Private Office Near You

Office Evolution locations are fully furnished office spaces located all around the country. Whether you need a temporary address for a month or a one-year settlement for your company, we have the right solutions for your needs. Contact us now to find the best private office for you.

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Plus, you become part of a community of like-minded professionals.