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We Tailor the Space to the Professional's Needs

Office Evolution is the solution for you and all of your business needs. We have created the atmosphere for you to truly thrive in a corporate setting on your own terms. Not only will you enjoy the convenience of an office that you choose the operating hours of you will also have the chance to experience having coworkers who are just like you.

Open and Close Offices

Our coworking spaces are open office areas where you can work and engage in fruitful communication with other individuals who are looking for an office outside of an office. We offer plenty of available seating with desks to share, if desired. Some days you may be in a mood to network and others you may only want to be off to yourself in your own private office.

The great thing about Office Evolution is that we cater to both needs. You can enjoy our single offices or take part in our open spaces that allow you to communicate with colleagues who possess a wide array of talents and skills.

optional Flexibility

Because we cover all of your basic and advanced office needs, you can make your schedule as flexible or as rigid as you like. Should you want to come in at a certain time every day and in a certain office you would have the option to do so. If you prefer to stop in at your leisure all of our offices are available to our members 24/7 across the nation.

If you want to create your own 9 to 5 situation, feel free. If you want to float out your tasks by necessity and time, then you can stop in whenever you choose and enjoy the coworking space and all of its amenities.


Regardless of how often you visit you will have access to all that we offer.

Free High Speed Wi-Fi - Easily tap into our private network and conduct business.

Kitchen - Should you get a bit thirsty or hungry the kitchen is usually a few steps or a hall away.

Complimentary Coffee and Tea - Feel free to indulge in your caffeine delights or soothing tea to relax you as you work.

Printer/Fax - Take advantage of printing or faxing documents should you need too.

An open coworking space with such a huge variety of entrepreneurs is a rarity. Contact us today to get onboard with our community!

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