Why Rent a Serviced Office Suite in Alpharetta?

If you're like most small business owners, professional independence is a Catch-22. You love the freedom and control of running your own business. But working on your own also saddles you with menial tasks and administrative duties, keeping you from working on more important items. One possible solution? Rent a serviced office suite at Office Evolution® Alpharetta, GA.

Our office rentals provide you with the best of both worlds. You get a dedicated private office, maintaining your professional independence. But you also enjoy a wide array of professional services and resources, helping you work more effectively and efficiently.

Some entrepreneurs still prefer a bare-basics office rental. But an increasing number of small business owners are choosing serviced office space for its flexibility, functionality, and affordability.

An Office Suite in Alpharetta with Onsite Support & Services

When you rent a small office from a typical business center, you're in charge of outfitting your workspace, managing utilities, and maintaining your office. You also assume the role of front-desk receptionist. This often means greeting guests or signing for parcels during periods of focused work. Ultimately, these responsibilities add up, distracting you from more important tasks.

But if you rent a serviced office suite at Office Evolution Alpharetta, you don't need to worry about these low-priority items. Instead, we take care of these jobs through a mix of onsite support and professional services.

Our friendly Business Center Manager will attend to the day-to-day management of your workspace, meaning you don't need to worry about keeping the lights on, cleaning your office, or troubleshooting issues with your internet connection. In addition to these duties, our Business Center Manager can also answer any questions or concerns about your workspace, or help you get set up if you're hosting a meeting onsite.

At Office Evolution Alpharetta, we also provide staffed front-desk reception and parcel management services. If you're expecting guests, we can greet them, call you to let you know they're here, and direct them to where they need to go. And if a parcel arrives at a busy time of day, we can sign for it, store it, and release it to you whenever it's most convenient.

Work Smarter at Office Evolution Alpharetta

In addition to onsite support and professional services, an office suite at Office Evolution Alpharetta comes with a bevy of professional resources.

For starters, each office at our business center is professionally outfitted, with ergonomic furniture and a sleek, modern aesthetic. Each office has been carefully designed to encourage productivity and project a professional business image.

You'll find even more resources outside of your office suite in Alpharetta. We have printing and copying equipment, an office kitchenette and beverage bar, unlimited coffee and tea, plus free access to a newly remodeled onsite gym. Members also enjoy 24/7 access to our business lounge, as well as discounts on meeting room and day office rentals.

Call (470) 233-7090 to learn more about our office suite rentals and schedule a tour of Office Evolution Alpharetta, GA! Located in Alpharetta's thriving Avalon neighborhood, our business center is easily accessed via North Point Parkway and minutes away from North Point Mall.

Written by: Office Evolution Alpharetta

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