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One of Atlanta’s (and America’s) biggest and most well-known enterprises couldn’t have ever been made without coworking and collaboration. Obviously John Pemberton was the big kahuna who started it all, but Coca-Cola wouldn’t be around if not for teamwork and collaborating to make and market the soft drink in the best way possible. We know that your growing enterprise couldn’t survive without your team, that’s why we’re so excited to establish a coworking space in Atlanta, GA. Once it’s built, your team will have access to a collaborative, well built, and engaging place to work together.

The Secret Ingredients

Just like Coke has its secret ingredients to make it better, our coworking space in Atlanta, GA will have certain secret ingredients to make your business better when you use it. Members of our coworking space will have access to:


Our coworking spaces around the country are made to be flexible. You can do as little as dropping in to answer some emails, or sit in one of our workstations, pop in some headphones, and work the day away without distractions

Business Center Manager

Is the printer being tricky? Maybe you’re having trouble locating your favorite tea, or just want to procrastinate work and talk to someone instead. When you’re using our coworking space in Atlanta, GA you can head out to the front desk and see the business center manager for help.

Wide Reach

When you use our services in Atlanta, you get more than just that, you get access to any of our coworking spaces around the world, whenever you want, that means weekends and holidays and even the times when our staff isn’t in the building, no exceptions.

Your New Family

You won’t be the only professional using our coworking space in Atlanta, GA. When you use our services and spaces, you will become part of a family of professionals in your area. Maybe you’ll gain some new clients or connections that your business can use just by talking to your neighbors in the business center.

To Bottle Success

You need a bottling plant, so where will that be for you? We ask because we don’t have a place for our business center in Atlanta yet, and we’re turning to the locals for help. If you know of the right place for us, let us know by filling out this form to the right.

Written by: Office Evolution Atlanta

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