• Carmel entrepreneur having a healthy snack in her office

    Healthy Desk Habits for Long Days

    Staying on track with our wellness goals can sometimes hit a roadblock when we’re confined to our desk. Things are different when you can break up your day with long walks or a stop at the gym. But that isn’t always an option. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do—even with a desk job—to pursue a healthier lifestyle.
  • woman writing a note at her Carmel office space

    9 Ideas for Keeping in Touch with Your Clients

    Your relationship with clients doesn’t end with a transaction. For many companies and professionals, that’s just the start of a long-term connection. It’s important to keep in touch after you provide clients with great service. These ideas can help.
  • two ladies at our conference room in carmel

    Conference Room Space in Carmel

    Gone are the days where you could only get work done at the office. These days many business professionals are opting to work from home at least once a week. In fact, many freelancers and entrepreneurs operate their businesses entirely from home. However, there's still something to be said for stepping into a professional setting and really getting down to business — especially when you have clients or associates in town.

  • Professionals discussing strategies at our coworking space in Carmel

    What You Get at Our Coworking Space in Carmel

    Today, professionals and small business owners in Carmel, IN enjoy unprecedented flexibility. With modern technology, it’s never been easier (or cheaper!) to freelance, work remotely, or start a small business. As more and more professionals opt for flexible career opportunities, many of them are looking for flexible workspace. That’s led a number of professionals to join a coworking space.

  • business casual Carmel professional with laptop and smartphone

    Public WiFi Risks for Entrepreneurs

    There are plenty of professionals who don’t think twice before connecting to the public WiFi at their favorite coffee shop. We often assume that if the area itself is generally safe, then the WiFi options will be, too. Unfortunately, whether you’re working at the public library or the local corner coffee shop, you could be facing some serious security risks.
  • man working at private office space in Carmel

    5 Office Space Upgrades to Keep You On Track

    Staying focused on your work tasks can be challenging without the right setup. We all benefit from having a workspace that’s organized. But a neat and tidy office isn’t just about cleaning up papers and dusting. Any place can be “clean,” so how about claiming an office that’s got all the essential upgrades?

  • a man working in an office suite in carmel

    Why Rent a Serviced Office Suite in Carmel?

    At Office Evolution® Carmel, IN, we’ve designed our office suite rentals around the needs of Hamilton County’s small business community. We know that local entrepreneurs often struggle to balance their core priorities with the day-to-day busywork inherent to running a business. That’s why instead of bare-basics office space, we offer professionally serviced office suite rentals.

  • A person reading how to rent affordable office space in carmel

    4 Ways to Rent Affordable Office Space in Carmel

    Finding affordable office space for rent is a big challenge for modern small business owners. Bootstrap culture has businesses launching on smaller and smaller budgets, leaving little room for renting an office. Even in a city like Carmel, IN, entrepreneurs are being forced to find new ways to save on workspace overhead.