Andrea Pirrotti, CMO/CDO ByLined Article on OE Ohana in Business Woman Magazine

We were thrilled to have our by-lined article featured in What Franchise’s Business Woman Magazine, Females in Franchising.

Here are some article highlights:


‘Ohana’ – Hawaiian for family – is an important attribute of this coworking franchise organization, which is seeing more and more couples running their own businesses.

While the COVID-19 pandemic tears at the fabric of our everyday lives, it cannot and won’t stop the power of our ‘Ohana’. This strength is born from the incredible community of franchisees who were introduced to our core values from day one.

We know first impressions matter, and for our prospective franchisees, they are invited to embrace our culture right away – in fact, during our Join the Ohana Day (known as the ‘Discovery Day’ for most other franchise organizations), our CEO, Mark Hemmeter, reads our core value statement from beginning to end.

Our core values are rooted around five areas: respect, Ohana, win-win, ownership, and authenticity. The culmination of these core values is found in our rally cry: “Dreamers, Risk-Takers and Doers. Inspired Here”. This Ohana of Dreamers, Risk-Takers and Doers (DRTD) are comprised of our franchise owners and members who share the same profile – business leaders who are small business owners and remote workers. They are rooted in the community, want safe and affordable workspace close to home and draw inspiration from each other and the spaces they are in.

Each Office Evolution location is owned by a passionate and dedicated franchisee who lives and works in the same community their location serves. Our franchisees come from a wide variety of different backgrounds, experiences, and communities, and our model allows them to combine their expertise to create these knowledgeable and strong ownership groups.

Many of our franchisees are what we call husband-and-wife “power couples”. These dynamic duos often come from corporate backgrounds or have previous entrepreneurial experience, which provides them with the business acumen to run a successful Office Evolution location but also provide their members with the necessary tools and resources to help them connect, innovate and thrive. Including: Scott, Cindy, and Katie Baroway own three Office Evolution locations in Colorado; Mark Gottlieb and Jackie Blyth-Gottlieb recently opened their Office Evolution location in Roswell, GA; Michael and Kelly Wielgus are committed to opening five locations in the Jacksonville area.

Read the full article here and explore Office Evolution opportunities and office solutions at a location near you.