• Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces for Rent in Cedar Rapids

    The Most Productive Meetings

    The most productive meetings happen when you take the team off-site!


    Professionalism is key

    Set the tone for your meeting by walking into a professional space like Office Evolution Cedar Rapids in the Newbo District. Your meeting room includes a big screen television for presentations, a large whiteboard, conference phone, high speed Wi-Fi, free parking, and unlimited water, coffee, and tea. 

  • Young man working to rent an office in Cedar Rapids

    Rent an Office in Cedar Rapids on Your Terms

    When it's time to rent an office for your small business in Cedar Rapids, you need to ask yourself what kind of office will work best for your business. A no-frills workspace on a long-term lease? Or a productivity-friendly office with month-to-month flexibility?

  • 9 Ways to Develop Gratitude

    Developing Gratitude

    Gratitude is more than being thankful.

    Feeling grateful starts with recognizing that life is good and rewarding. This positive thinking is motivating. People who regularly practice gratitude experience more positive emotions, have stronger relationships, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and have stronger immune systems. Gratitude helps us see situations in ways that can reduce panic and opens up our thinking to new solutions.

  • Employ a Veteran

    7 Reasons to Employ a Veteran

    Need to hire a trustworthy, hardworking employee? Why not hire a veteran? The 7 benefits to employing a veteran:

    1. Integrity

    The military has already filtered through the candidates for you! Honesty is strongly embraced in the military. If you come across a vet with honorable discharge, you know you can count on them in your company.

  • Finn Prep

    Member News: Finn Prep teams with CR schools

    Kelly Finn, founder and CEO of the test prep business Finn Prep located in Office Evolution Cedar Rapids, has seen firsthand the power ACT preparation has to change lives. Over her six years in business, her students have seen an average score increase of 4 points, giving students opportunities to get into college, increasing chances of getting accepted into more selective institutions, and for some, chances at a full-ride scholarship. 

  • Growing Your Business Beyond the Kitchen Table

    6 Tips to Grow Your Business Beyond the Kitchen Table

    It is a challenge to run a successful, growing business from the dining room table. You know that table that is so buried in your work that you can no longer eat at it as a family. Some days your house is full of distractions: kids, pets, laundry, anything really, as you can procrastinate on that deadline and other days it feels so isolating and lonely that you'll come up with any excuse to leave the house. Been there, done that. It doesn't work for most people.  Here are 6 tips to help guide you towards the success you deserve.


  • man working in furnished office in Cedar Rapids

    Why Rent a Furnished Office in Cedar Rapids?

    Thanks to new business centers like Office Evolution® Cedar Rapids, professionals in Cedar Rapids, IA have a wider range of office rental options than ever before. Take the issue of unfurnished vs. furnished office space.