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    Building Your Small Business Brand

    A professional appearance builds credibility and trust. People are more likely to purchase from a business that appears polished and legitimate.

  • Coworking

    Setting up New Virtual Offices? Be Sure to Avoid These Mistakes

    Did you realize that nearly 70% of all government employees work remotely? It seems like businesses and organizations from nearly every industry is embracing the power of virtual offices. Are you ready to take your business into the 21st century with a virtual office? If so, there are a few things you need to be aware of in order to successfully transition to a remote working environment. Failing to properly prepare yourself and your employees for the challenges of a virtual office can be very problematic.

  • International coworking day

    Free Coworking - International Coworking Day

    In honor of INTERNATIONAL COWORKING DAY, we, Office Evolution Lakewood, will be offering use of our drop-in space and open offices for FREE, ALL THIS WEEK (August 6th – 10th)!


    Please tell anyone you know who is interested in using our Shared Space, Conference Rooms, or Offices to stop by! We will be offering 25% off the first Month of Membership to all new Members who sign up this week.


  • person decided to rent a mailbox in Cherry Creek for business

    Rent Mailbox Space for Your Small Business in Cherry Creek

    New ways of doing business have made home-based businesses more cost-effective, easy, and more popular to operate than ever before. That’s something we’ve seen in Cherry Creek, as well as nearby areas like Glendale, Wash Park, and other parts of southeast Denver. But operating a home business comes with certain challenges, like having to use a residential address.

  • Woman sitting at desk talking on microphone as virtual receptionist in Cherry Creek

    5 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist in Cherry Creek

    As a busy professional, you struggle to keep up with incoming calls and voicemails. Yet the cost of a full-time receptionist is well outside your budget. What to do? One option you’ll want to consider is a virtual receptionist. At Office Evolution® Cherry Creek in Denver, CO, our virtual receptionist services cost a fraction of what you’d spend on a personal receptionist, while offering many of the same benefits.

  • Man and woman working in shared office in Cherry Creek

    The ROI of Shared Office Rentals in Cherry Creek

    Shared office communities like Office Evolution® Cherry Creek CO have given professionals new options in terms of where and how they work. In doing so, they’ve also given professionals new ways of maximizing their workspace ROI. By making office rentals more affordable and more functional, these spaces are boosting the on-the-dollar value of modern workspace solutions.

  • Man sitting at desk writing in temporary office in Cherry Creek

    3 Tips on Finding a Temporary Office in Cherry Creek

    Demand for temporary office space is on the rise in Cherry Creek and across the Denver metro area. It’s easy to see why. Whether you’re in Cherry Creek on business and need to rent office space for a day, are launching a startup and need to minimize upfront overhead, or want to open a satellite office as quickly as possible, a short-term office space rental is the perfect solution.

  • Man sitting at desk writing on computer in executive office in Cherry Creek.

    The Perks of Executive Office Suites in Cherry Creek

    Over the past several years, small business owners in Cherry Creek have been turning away from traditional offices in favor of newer, more innovative workspaces. Attracted by the coworking movement, a number have made the transition from home offices and coffee shops to shared work environments. Thanks to a new wave of executive office rentals, coworking spaces have also attracted small business owners looking for private office space.