• people in rental boardroom in cherry creek

    5 Things You Need in a Boardroom Rental in Cherry Creek

    You can’t conduct a meeting without somewhere to meet. So if you’re hosting a meeting in southeast Denver, but you don’t have a boardroom to host it in, that’s a problem. In that case, you’ll want to start looking at local conference room rentals in Cherry Creek, CO, or a nearby neighborhood like Glendale or Washington Park.

  • professionals coworking in cherry creek

    Coworking in Cherry Creek: 5 Professional Benefits


    Over the past decade, coworking has become more and more popular in the Denver metro area and neighborhoods like Cherry Creek. But if you haven’t experienced coworking for yourself, you might be wondering what’s made this such a powerful trend.

  • A employee working at home in her cherry creek work from home office

    3 Ways Cherry Creek Residents Can Beat the Work from Home Blues


    It’s no big secret that technology has reshaped the modern workplace. For many of us, our laptop is our office. That’s making traditional workspaces less and less relevant. It also means more professionals are choosing to work from home — a trend we’re seeing unfold right here in Cherry Creek and the rest of the Denver metro area.

  • Recovery 360 Office Evolution Member Spotlight

    Member Spotlight: Recovery 360

    When it comes to health care, behavioral and mental health are crucially important. Recovery 360 is an innovative health care provider that offers services tailored to their clients. Not only do they have offices with Office Evolution, but they do in-home work to best provide for those they serve. We sat down with Jonathan De Carlo, Director of Operations at Recovery 360, as well as a member at Office Evolution Cherry Creek. He gave us a glimpse into how they help individuals, as well as some business tips you won’t want to miss.
  • Jo-Ann Birch member of Office Evolution

    Member Spotlight: Jo-Ann Birch, Fair Measures

    Jo-Ann Birch is an Office Evolution member at our Cherry Creek location. Jo-Ann’s company, Fair Measures, works to ensure that companies are creating respectful and legally sound work environments for their employees. We got the chance to sit down with Jo-Ann to chat about what her company does, as well as hear how her time at Office Evolution is going. Don’t miss her best business tips!
  • Cherry Creek, CO Workspace for Rent

    Office Evolution helps you GET SH*T DONE

    At Office Evolution Cherry Creek, we are here to help you Get Sh*t Done.  With 24/7 access to our comfortable new drop-in workspace including wifi, copier, and free coffee at your fingertips, we are here to create the sweet spot that breeds growth for your business.  For as little at $179 per month, you have access to all 11 Denver area locations as well as those in Ohio, California, Utah, Illinois, and many more where you can work when you want for as long as you want.  So, if you are looking for the right environment to help your business grow, come check us out.