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Starting a small business is easier than ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Today, one way to make entrepreneurship more affordable is to skip a physical office in favor of a virtual one. So long as you can run your business with a phone and a laptop, setting up a virtual office in Chicago, IL could be the perfect fit for your budget.

At Office Evolution® Chicago, you can establish a virtual office at a fraction of the cost of an office rental. This will allow you to operate like any other office-based business — even while you’re working from home, the corner coffee shop, or our co-working space.

Our Virtual Office Services

Starting a virtual office at our location is easy. We offer a number of features to help you run a virtual workplace, and with our custom plans, you can choose the services that make sense for your business. You’ll also have control over the term of your agreement, with options for flexible month-to-month plans.

Business Address

A business address is a must-have feature for most virtual workplaces. But it’s important that you get the right address. Renting a mailbox at a mail and parcel center won’t give the impression of a proper office. At our location, you can rent a private mailbox with an address that appears just like one of our offices.

Phone Answering

Want the perks of a personal receptionist without adding a full-time salary to your books? With our live answering service, incoming calls to your business are answered by a live receptionist with a personal greeting. This not only bolsters your customer service efforts, but also makes it easier to weed out spam callers and manage heavy call volumes.

Co-working & Meeting Space

A virtual workplace can offer a lot to your business. But you’ll still need to find a physical space to work. Our co-working plans will give you 24/7 access to our shared workspace, which comes with the resources and perks of a larger office.

Our location also offers rentals for meeting rooms and day offices. This will allow you to host meetings in a professional setting at the same location as your business address!

Visit Our Location in Northwest Chicago!

Want to learn more about our services or get a closer look at our space? Simply contact us to book a tour of Office Evolution Chicago! Our location is less than 10 minutes from O’Hare International Airport, and offers an easy commute for professionals based in:

Learn more about virtual office services by calling Office Evolution Chicago today at (847) 380-1078!

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