Business Center Manager Spotlight: Taylor Cubas


Are you a dreamer, risk-taker, or doer?

I am a dreamer and a doer, and I think these traits shine in my role at Office Evolution. I have this urge to do things, constantly. Accomplishing tasks to the best of my ability is fulfilling. I also dream often because there is always a problem or puzzle to solve, and I feel the need to solve it creatively. That is why I enjoy my role at Office Evolution— I get to help resolve workspace puzzles!

What do you enjoy most about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs?

I genuinely enjoy helping others and admire the passion of my members. I believe in their dreams and aspirations, and I give it ‘my all’ to support them on their journeys. Seeing them make another step toward their goals, like upgrading from a virtual plan to a small office and growing into a team, is one of my greatest joys.

How many members (businesses) do your support in your location?

Currently, we have over 50 members at our location, each with their own uniquely wonderful business and model.

What is just one thing you do that adds value to the members’ experience?

Every morning and at every encounter, I greet my members with a bright smile and chipper attitude. I believe this helps brighten their day a little bit— maybe even a lot. Starting your workday with a positive attitude sets you up for success!

Posted by: Jeff Hensiek | November 13, 2020

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