• man working in our executive suites in Burlington

    7 Perks of Our Executive Suites in Burlington

    At Office Evolution® Burlington, we offer a range of office rentals for different needs and budgets. On one end of the scale, we offer affordable private offices for small-budget entrepreneurs and professionals. On the other end, we offer spacious executive suites — perfect for anyone who’s searching for a C-suite-style office in Burlington, MA.

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    Conference Room Space in Burlington

    When you're trying to build a business, you need to present yourself as a capable, professional, and ready to get to work on behalf of your company and your clients. One of the ways you can instill confidence in potential clients, vendors, and business partners is through the space where you conduct your business. While a home office is convenient and affordable, it's not the ideal location to conduct important meetings.

  • Professionals discussing strategies at our coworking space in burlington

    What You Get at Our Coworking Space in Burlington

    As freelancing, remote working, and virtual-office-based businesses have become more common, it’s no surprise that coworking space memberships are on the rise. Here at Office Evolution® Burlington, MA, we’re seeing increased demand for coworking across the Boston MetroWest area.

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    Why Rent a Serviced Office Suite in Burlington?

    At Office Evolution® Burlington, MA, we're a hub for anyone who's looking for a serviced office suite. As demand for serviced office space increases, more and more professionals are switching to serviced suites. But if you haven't made the switch already — or if you're just finding out about serviced office space — you might have trouble grasping the appeal.

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    4 Ways to Find Affordable Office Space in Burlington

    Running a small business in Burlington, MA can make it difficult to find affordable office space. As with the rest of the Boston MetroWest area, Burlington has developed into a competitive office space market. That can force small business owners into less-than-comfortable positions. Some end up in cramped, ill-designed, or poorly located spaces. Others end up renting at a higher price than they originally hoped or on a longer lease than they'd planned.

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    Rent an Office in Burlington on Your Terms

    One of the more unattractive features of traditional office space is the way it restricts your work-life. If you're furnishing a private office by yourself, your workspace probably won't contain the kind of productivity-boosting features found with managed office space. And if you rent an office in Burlington on a traditional lease, you're locking yourself into a multi-year commitment. In today's fast-changing business world, this kind of lease can become an unwelcome anchor, keeping you in place while the rest of the world moves forward.

  • businessman working at a furnished office in Burlington

    4 Reasons to Rent a Furnished Office in Burlington

    If you're looking for business space for rent in Burlington MA, you'll need to choose between furnished or unfurnished office space. While unfurnished office rentals remain more common, many small business owners in Burlington are making the switch to furnished office rentals.

  • businessman using short term office space in Burlington

    The Rise of Short Term Office Space in Burlington

    When we first opened Office Evolution® Burlington MA, there was a lot that set us apart from other office centers. One of the biggest differences was the availability of short term office space. We gave local businesses an alternative to long term leases. Instead, independent professionals and small business owners could rent private office space on month to month agreements.