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    Coworking in Burlington: 5 Reasons You'll Thrive


    At Office Evolution® Burlington, our coworking space is home to a thriving community of freelancers, remote workers, independent contractors, and small business owners. We attract professionals with a diverse range of skillsets, backgrounds, and perspectives. But there’s one thing every member of our community has in common: they’ve discovered that a shared workspace gives them a place where they can thrive.

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    3 Cures to the Work From Home Blues for Burlington Area Residents

    The past decade has seen huge changes to the way people work. One of those changes is more freedom about where we work. Wireless technologies mean it’s easier to work where we want to work, without feeling chained to any particularly place. That’s a trend that we’re seeing right here in Burlington and throughout Eastern Massachusetts, where more people work from home than ever before.

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    Wearing pajamas during the work day is over-rated

    If you are working from a home office or are considering it,  then you certainly are familiar with the pro's and con's that such a setup offers.  Short commute, wearing pajama's (or at least from the waist down if you are video chatting with colleagues and clients), having your trusty dog by your side, flexibiltiy to run errands.  All nice,  but generally those same benefits tend to work against your business effectivity over time.

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    Live Coaching Night With Cheryl Richardson - A Special Member Event!

    This week Office Evolution Burlington held its first of what will be many more valuable events for its members. We are creating a community that fosters collaboration and innovation among our members, and to that end, will be hosting a number of events to facilitate educational and networking opportunities.

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    Sharing Is Good !

    How many times did your mother tell you to share when you were a toddler?  Well mother knows best.  Turns out sharing in the work setting has massive benefits too.

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