• person decided to rent a mailbox in Salt Lake City for business

    Rent Mailbox Space for Your Business in Salt Lake City

    Thanks to digital technologies, home businesses are more popular and prevalent than ever in Salt Lake City UT and the surrounding areas. But running a home business still comes with challenges, like which address to use for your company. On the one hand, you can use your home address, which can create privacy, security, and marketing concerns.

  • Woman sitting at desk talking on microphone as virtual receptionist in Salt Lake City

    4 Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist in Salt Lake City

    If you’re a self-employed professional in Salt Lake City UT, a personal receptionist might sound like a dream come true. Unfortunately, it costs between $30,000 and $40,000 to hire a full-time receptionist in Salt Lake City. We’ve got the perfect, budget-friendly alternative at Office Evolution® Downtown Salt Lake City: a virtual receptionist.

  • Man sitting at desk writing on computer in executive office in Salt Lake City

    The Perks of Executive Office Space in Salt Lake City

    At Office Evolution® Downtown Salt Lake City UT, our executive suites offer the perfect space for launching or growing your small business. Designed for modern small business operations, our executive office suites and business suites offer the kind of functionality, flexibility, and connectivity that small business owners need to compete in today’s economy. Best of all, when you rent a private office suite at Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City, you get all of the executive perks you’d expect, but without the executive price tag.

  • Quick Turn Concepts Team

    This Team Knows How To Furnish An Office!

    We want you get to know some of the amazing members we have here at Office Evolution. This month we will introduce you to QuickTurn Concepts.  Their team includes David Shipley, Justin Shipley, Jared Shipley, Katie Seastrand, and Jake Webster. Yes, it is a family business. They are all some of the nicest people you will get to know and some of the hardest working. David is known to get here at the crack of dawn and stay until late to get things done. 

    I asked Katie to tell me a few things about QuickTurn and this is what she sent me:

  • people in rental boardroom in salt lake city

    5 Must-Have Qualities for Salt Lake City Boardroom Rentals

    A boardroom rental in downtown Salt Lake City, UT gives you an easy way to host downtown meetings if you don’t have a dedicated meeting space of your own. This is a common issue for professionals and small business owners who often work from home, out of co-working spaces, or in small offices. But if you’re searching for a meeting space for the first time, it can be hard to know which qualities separate great meeting rooms from so-so conference room rentals.