• Somerville Court House

    How to Grow Your Solo Law Firm

    What does it take to transform your solo law practice into a thriving small law firm in Somerville? It’s more than expanding to a nice private office and hiring employees. 

  • private office

    5 Perks of a Private Office Space

    When you think of a coworking space, shared tables and open layouts likely come to mind. This image has been the backbone of the coworking concept. But that’s not the only option a coworking location has offer. 

  • conference room

    Tracking the Evolution of the Workspace

    Today's office looks strikingly different than it did just 10 years ago, both here in Somerville and nationwide. As more companies embrace remote workers, desks and chairs remain largely vacant, taking up space and costing companies more money in overhead than is necessary. 

  • two ladies in a conference room in Somerville

    Conference Room Space in Somerville

    If you work remotely as a freelancer, employee, or small business owner, you may not have to think about your surroundings a lot of the time. Whether you have your own home office or you prefer to work in coffee shops, libraries, and other public spaces with WiFi, as long as you're able to concentrate, you can probably accomplish most of what you need to. However, that all changes when you have to meet with a client or hold a video conference call with important stakeholders.

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    Rent an Office in Somerville on Your Terms

    Over the past few years, demand for flexible office space has grown by leaps and bounds. From 2015 to 2017, the market for flexible office space nearly tripled. In fact, experts say that more than a quarter of all U.S. office rentals could be considered "flexible" by 2030. So if you're planning to rent an office in Somerville, a flexible office rental could be the perfect fit for your needs.