• People working in a shared office in Columbus

    Shared Office in Midtown Columbus: Affordability Meets Functionality

    As shared office space becomes more popular in Columbus OH, local professionals are discovering an array of benefits unique to shared workplaces. Some of these benefits are widely known, like the affordability of joining a shared workspace. But low costs aren’t the only reason to join a shared office in Columbus. Whether you’re signing up for a coworking membership or renting a private office, a shared workplace could make you more productive and successful in your field.

  • Man sitting at desk writing in temporary office in Columbus

    3 Tips for Choosing a Temporary Office in Midtown Columbus

    When you consider all of the changes the business world has seen over the past few years, it should come as no surprise that demand for temporary office space is rising. New technologies make it easier than every to work in new locations, while increasingly fluid markets have made long term leases less attractive than they used to be.

  • people in rental boardroom in columbus

    5 Steps to the Perfect Boardroom Rental in Easton Town Center Columbus


    Meetings in midtown Columbus, OH are hard to host if you don’t have access to a proper meeting space. Whether you’re visiting Columbus on business, based out of a home office, or working from a small office, hosting a meeting in midtown will require a boardroom rental.

    The good news? Great boardrooms are readily available in midtown Columbus. The bad news? They can be tough to find if you’re not sure where to look or what to look for.

  • woman working for telephone answering service in columbus

    Telephone Answering Services in Columbus: 6 Need-to-Know Stats

    If you run a small company or work as an independent professional, telephone reception can be a bit of a catch-22. On the one hand, you have more important things to do than act as your own receptionist. On the other hand, if you don’t stay on top of incoming calls, you could lose out on leads or create issues with existing clients. To balance workflow and customer service, you may need outside support. One popular solution for small business owners in midtown Columbus is a telephone answering service.

  • Clients using the coworking space with other clients in columbus

    5 Professional Benefits to Coworking in Columbus


    If you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or remote worker in Columbus, OH, it’s hard to miss the growing excitement around coworking spaces. That excitement makes a lot of sense to those of us who’ve experienced the benefits of coworking. But if you’ve never tried a shared workspace for yourself, you might be wondering: what’s made these spaces so incredibly popular in Columbus?

  • Office rental space of Office Evolution Columbus (Easton Town Center)

    5 Home Office Problems Solved by an Office Rental in Columbus

    Has your home office transformed from a productive workspace into a liability? It’s a problem that many small business owners in Columbus run into, and it’s one that’s usually solved with an office rental. If your home office has put a ceiling on your productivity and profitability, you may need an office rental to grow — or even just to stay competitive — in Columbus’s fast-moving market.