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On June 4th the City of Fishers announced a free program for Fishers-based businesses and organizations that will help those entities comply with Governor Eric Holcomb’s executive order #20-26, which states that entities must have a plan for reopening post COVID shutdown. An aspect of that executive order (EO) states that employees and customers must answer a short series of questions about their health before reentering the business or organization. The free program offered by the City of Fishers will be communicating with employees of Fishers-based businesses each morning, fulfilling that aspect of the governor’s EO.

A Fishers-based organization participating in the program will relay to the City of Fishers some basic data detailing their employees. The employee data will be imported into a software program that will automatically send an assessment via text and Email to each employee daily prior to their workday beginning. Employees answer the questions and the results are delivered in aggregate form to a leader at the company.

The form that the employees will complete consists of five questions and should take no more than 30 seconds to fill out on most days. Descriptions of the questions are listed below.

The first question is simply consent to being a part of the program.

The second question asks about severe symptoms and suggests that those be addressed immediately. (Possibly even dialing 911 if  necessary.)

The third question addresses more nuanced activities in your daily life where you could contract the disease through exposure from someone else. The question asks if you’re caring for someone in your life who might have contracted the disease among some other listed activities.

The fourth question is about your and your symptoms directly. Are you experiencing chills, fever, a new cough, etc.?  

Finally, the last question will ask about more serious symptoms associated with COVID-19: do you have a runny nose, are you exhausted or experiencing diarrhea?

Depending upon answers given, employees will be given instructions on what to do next, which could include direction to begin working from home for a period of time. Results from the program are shared with leadership of the company in the hope that if a positive case is found or probable positive case is found, that case can be isolated and contained. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid a near-complete shutdown of the entire Fishers economy going forward.

Organizations wishing to enroll in the program should complete the initial form found here. For more detailed information about the program and updates in general from the City of Fishers regarding COVID-19 visit

COVID-19 is highly transmittable and to date no vaccine exists. In Indiana it is approximately six times more deadly than the flu and can affect people of any age, though it’s generally most-deadly to senior citizens. COVID-19, scientists believe, is primarily spread through aerosols from one person to another, however, the World Health Organization is investigating evidence that the disease can spread through surface touch and through individuals who are asymptomatic. (Though, the evidence today suggests that surface touch transmission and asymptomatic transmission have a significantly lower rate of transmission than aerosols.) Keep wearing your mask, continue washing your hands thoroughly and recognize when you might have symptoms and explore with your healthcare provider what to do next if you feel you might have contracted the disease.

Written by: Office Evolution Fishers

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