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If you’re starting a small business in Jacksonville, FL, one way to limit your overhead is to skip a physical office in favor of a virtual one. With a virtual office at Office Evolution® Jacksonville, you’ll be able to operate with the appearance of an office-based business, but you’ll be spending a fraction of the cost to do so.

Our mix of professional services makes it easy to get a virtual workplace up and running, with features like business address plans, live telephone answering, and coworking memberships. And thanks to our custom plans, you can pick and choose which services make the most sense for your needs.

We also offer the option of flexible agreements, with options for month-to-month plans. This way, you can keep your expenses to minimum and avoid long-term cost commitments. And when you’re ready to upgrade with a small office rental, you can make the transition seamlessly!

Our Virtual Office Services

Business Address

A business address is the starting point for most virtual offices. This way, you can list an office address in any materials for your business, even if you don’t have an actual office. Our business address plans include a private mailbox at our location, along with parcel reception services.

Live Answering

As a small business owner, there’s no way that you can answer every incoming phone call. But our live answering service can! With a phone answering plan, every call to your business will be answered and screened by a live agent. It’s an easy way to improve customer service and can eliminate spam calls to your business.

Coworking Space

A virtual office can do a lot for your business, but it doesn’t solve the problem of where you will actually work. Our suggestion? Add coworking to your plan and gain 24/7 access to our shared workspace. You’ll enjoy a professional workspace, the resources of a larger office, and the networking opportunities that come with coworking.

Meeting Rooms

Need to host a client for a one-on-one meeting? Our plans make it easy and affordable to rent meeting space at our location. This is especially helpful if you have a business address plan at our location since you’ll be meeting at the address listed for your business. As a member, you even receive discounts of meeting rooms.

Visit Our Location in Jacksonville!

Ready to get started? Give us a call or pay us a visit during the business hours. Our location near St. Johns Town Center is a short drive away for anyone based in the following areas:

Call (904) 339-8269 today to learn more about virtual office services at Office Evolution Jacksonville!

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