• How office

    How Office Design Impacts Employee Productivity

    Could your office design be responsible for your employee’s productivity? 

    Historically, offices aren’t usually associated with happy places. They’re often portrayed as boring, uninspired spaces that all look the same and lack any imagination. Employees who are awaiting the clock to strike 5:00 are as eager to escape their workspace just as much as they are to abandon their duties for the day.  

  • Shared workspace

    The Solopreneur and Shared Workspaces

    Maybe you’re starting a business and are working from your  Office Evolutioncoffee shop. Or maybe you’ve been working from home for months and realize you need something more. Whatever the motivation, many solopreneurs have discoveredshared office spaces. 

  • Friday Fun

    Friday Fun

    "The world you desire can be won. It exists.. It is real.. It is possible.. It's yours." - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged  #quote #inspiration #success #quoteoftheday #motivational

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    Understanding the Psychology of Office Design

    If you’re feeling a lack of motivation, creativity, or productivity at work, it might not be completely your fault. The way an office looks and functions can have a major impact on how you work. 

    Environmental psychology is defined as the connection between people and their environment, and it most definitely applies to the office setting. When people are surrounded by things they like, they tend to be happier, more motivated, and more productive. But when you’re in an environment that does nothing to spur creativity, energy, or happiness, the opposite is true.  

  • Virtual

    How Mompreneurs Profit from Virtual Office Space

    Mompreneurs are making a major impact in today’s business world. No longer are moms forced to choose between raising a family and building a thriving career.  

    Technology is leading the charge when it comes to giving moms a better work/life balance. It’s allowing them to work remotely outside the confines of a traditional office environment - and at a much lower cost! 

  • How to Budget for Office Space

    How to Budget for Office Space

    How much office space can you really afford? 

    It’s easy to look at your upfront costs and determine what’s within your budget. Costs like internet and power are easy to calculate, but the bottom line cost includes far more. 

  •  What's the Strategic Value of Virtual Office Space?

    What's the Strategic Value of Virtual Office Space?

    It’s no secret that the virtual office space concept is changing how businesses operate, but why is this movement gaining popularity?

    Remote work is poised for explosive growth, with at least 70% of the global workforce working remotely at least part-time. As technology continues to become more sophisticated, the virtual office concept will likely follow suit.

  • Franchise Expansion

    Office Evolution Growth Continues

    Office Evolution Franchise Launches in New York!

    Office Evolution welcomes our newest franchisee in Westchester, New York.

    Office Evolution is continuing to expand its footprint, offering members the ability to work at our growing network of locations across the United States.