Member Spotlight: Reneta Jenik of Foodom in Folsom, CA

The Spotlight’s on Reneta Jenik of Foodom in Folsom, CA

Are you a dreamer, risk-taker, or doer?

I would say that to be a solo entrepreneur you need to be a mix of all the 3. Quitting my executive AI/ML technology job at Intel job to build a managed service consumer marketplace was a pretty big risk, but I had a clear dream, which I am still pursuing. I am inspired and motivated by the social and environmental impact Foodom has on the world, by creating new jobs, reducing food and packaging waste, boosting well-being and connecting the community. And getting off the ground requires a lot of doing, testing and improving fast as we go.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we would love to hear about your business.

Foodom is where the Future of Work meets a managed service marketplace to simplify the complex personal chef service and make it available and affordable for the masses. Imagine a future where every household and vacation rental have an in-home chef.

At Foodom, we connect vetted chefs and busy families to cook 1-2 times a week fresh, healthy, and tasty meals tailored to dietary preferences, prepared in the family’s kitchen. For less than takeout, families reduce stress and time spent on meal prep to 15 mins a week while at the same time reduce food and packaging waste through efficient menu selection and meal prep. Concurrently, we help chefs build their own food businesses and get jobs that pay 2-3 times more than in other culinary jobs with a work-life balance. Using innovative economical models, we developed a playbook for lean expansion and excited to see network effects indicators.

Who is your ideal customer?

  • The ideal diners are busy professionals that lack the time or skills to meal prep and care about healthy and tasty meals. Or people with specific diets or allergies that find it challenging to cook on their own or eat out.
  • The ideal chefs are like cooks and sous chefs with +10 years of culinary experience in the F&B industry.

What are your top tips for entrepreneurial success?

My top tips are:

  • Stay laser focused.
  • Be determined and obsessed with what you do, keep on pushing and don’t take no as an answer.
  • Hustle with pride!
  • Get amazing mentors that are smarter and more experienced than you.

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