• Woman sitting at desk talking on microphone as virtual receptionist in Mill Valley

    4 Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist in Mill Valley

    If you’re like most self-employed professionals, you struggle with phone management. When a call comes in during important work, you’re forced to choose between priorities. And that’s assuming you’re available to answer your phone in the first place. At Office Evolution® Mill Valley CA, we know how tricky this can be. Thankfully, we have the perfect answer: a virtual receptionist.

  • Man sitting at desk writing in temporary office in Mill Valley

    3 Tips on Renting Temporary Office Space in Mill Valley

    The rising demand for temporary workers has been a popular topic in recent years. Much less attention, however, has been paid to the rising demand for temporary office space. Despite the lack of headlines, this story has been playing out across the US, including right here in Mill Valley CA.

  • Man sitting at desk writing on computer in executive office in Mill Valley.

    The Perks of an Executive Office Suite in Mill Valley

    At Office Evolution® Mill Valley CA, we know that the right workspace can make all the difference. To perform our best work, all of us — no matter how ambitious or hardworking we may be — need a workspace that’s conducive to focus, health, and productivity. That’s exactly what you’ll find in today’s best executive office suites, located in coworking spaces like Office Evolution Mill Valley.

  • man writing on desk at small office rental mill valley

    Small Office Rental Tips in Mill Valley

    Over the past several years, the Bay Area and its spirit of innovation have revolutionized the way we live, the way we work, and the spaces where we do both. At Office Evolution® Mill Valley, we’ve had an up-close look at how changes like cloud computing, mobile technologies, and computer analytics have reshaped the American workplace and the market for small office rentals.

  • people in rental boardroom in mill valley

    5 Must-Haves in a Mill Valley Boardroom Rental 

    If you operate a start-up or small business in Mill Valley, CA, hosting meetings can be difficult. Most small business owners in Marin County either work from home, from a co-working space, or out of a small office. That means a lack of dedicated meeting space for face-to-face time with investors, clients, and team members on larger projects. To host these kinds of meetings in Mill Valley, you’ll need a local boardroom or conference room rental.

  • woman working at telephone answering services in mill valley

    6 Reasons to Use Telephone Answering Services in Mill Valley


    Telephone answering services are the perfect “do more with less” option for entrepreneurs in Mill Valley, CA. In a competitive area like Marin County, start-ups and independent professionals need to make the most of every minute in their workweek and every dollar in their account. When phone calls are constantly disrupting your workflow, productivity can suffer.

  • professionals in mill valley coworking

    How Coworking Space Can Help Mill Valley Professionals Thrive

    The Bay Area was where the coworking movement began, so it’s no big surprise that shared workspaces are hugely popular in Marin County, CA. Coworking spaces like Office Evolution® Mill Valley are thriving. Our shared workspace is home to a dynamic community of freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and other independent professionals.

    So what made coworking so popular in Mill Valley and the rest of Marin County in the first place?