• person decided to rent a mailbox in Ogden for home based business

    Rent Mailbox Space for Your Home-Based Business in Ogden

    Running a home-based business in Ogden UT is easier and more cost-effective today than ever before. But it’s a job that comes with a host of challenges. Your address, for example. A residential mailing address is a poor fit for business operations, leading to privacy, security, and marketing concerns.

  • Woman sitting at desk talking on microphone as virtual receptionist Worthington

    5 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist in Ogden

    At Office Evolution® Ogden UT, we’re best known for our workspace solutions, like coworking memberships and shared office rentals. But professionals in Ogden, Roy, and Clearfield know that we’re more than just a great place to work. We also offer a range of innovative resources and services for local professionals. These include one of our most popular offerings: virtual receptionist plans.

  • People working in a shared office in Ogden

    Shared Office in Ogden: Affordability Meets Functionality

    If you’re an independent professional, a bootstrapping startup, or a small business owner, you need a workspace that combines affordability and functionality. At Office Evolution® Ogden UT, our shared office space brings these features together.

  • Man sitting at desk writing in temporary office in Ogden.

    3 Tips on Renting Temporary Office Space in Ogden

    Over the past several years, the market for temporary office space hasn’t received the level of attention it deserves. Everyone’s heard about the increased demand for temporary workers and contract staff. But fewer people are familiar with the surging interest in short term office space rentals. It’s a trend we’re seeing play out here in Ogden UT, where temporary office space is suddenly in demand among all types of businesses and professionals.

  • Man sitting at desk writing on computer in executive office in Ogden.

    Executive Office Benefits in Downtown Ogden

    As an entrepreneur, the success of your business is inextricably linked with your productivity and performance. Given this, it’s critical that you have a workspace that allows you to do your best work day in and day out. That’s exactly what you’ll find with an executive office suite at Office Evolution® Ogden UT. Located in downtown Ogden on historic 25th Street, our workspace offers everything you need to work smarter, build your business, and succeed in the modern economy.

  • small office rentals in Ogden

    4 Tips on Small Office Rentals in Ogden

    Cloud computing, mobile technologies, and a faster-paced economy have changed the market for small office rentals in Ogden UT. These days, small businesses expect more than four walls, a door, and a phone line. Modern workplaces are more functional and forward-thinking than yesterday’s small office rentals, and the demand for innovative workspace is growing in the Ogden area.

  • people in rental boardroom in ogden

    5 Things You Need When Renting a Boardroom in Ogden

    You can’t run an effective meeting without access to a professional meeting space. That can be problem if you work in a co-working space, from a home office, or in an office without a large meeting area. Thankfully, it’s an easy problem to fix for professionals in Ogden, UT. If you need a boardroom in Ogden, but don’t have one of your own, a boardroom rental is a simple and affordable alternative.

  • women working at telephone answering service in ogden

    Telephone Answering Services in Ogden: 6 Key Data Points

    Telephone answering services in Ogden, UT, are being used more and more by local small businesses. The reasons why are clear. Live answering plans and remote receptionist services can make your business more responsive and your workweek more productive. That’s an ideal combination for start-ups, independent contractors, and small companies.

  • professionals coworking in ogden

    5 Professional Benefits of Coworking in Ogden

    Ogden, UT, has attracted pioneers since its founding in 1846. We’re a city founded on forward-thinking ideals. So it should come as no surprise that Ogden has been on the cutting edge of the coworking movement over the past decade.

    Office Evolution® Ogden is proud of its role in this movement. Our coworking community is made up of some of the most ambitious and talented professionals in the Ogden area. We’re a testament to the power of shared workspaces — something more and more businesses are finally starting to recognize.