5 Things You Need When Renting a Boardroom in Ogden

You can’t run an effective meeting without access to a professional meeting space. That can be problem if you work in a co-working space, from a home office, or in an office without a large meeting area. Thankfully, it’s an easy problem to fix for professionals in Ogden, UT. If you need a boardroom in Ogden, but don’t have one of your own, a boardroom rental is a simple and affordable alternative.

The choice to rent a boardroom in Ogden is typically an easy one to make. But things get harder when you’re choosing between different conference room rentals – especially if you’re not sure which features can make or break a rented boardroom. Make your search easier by focusing on the five qualities listed below, each of which is crucial to an effective meeting space.

Important Features in a Boardroom Rental

  1. Capacity. The capacity of a conference room rental will limit the size of any meetings you hold inside it. While a larger conference room can hold smaller groups, a meeting of ten or twelve people needs enough space for people to communicate and get comfortable.
  2. Design. Workspace design has a well-documented impact on focus, performance, and overall productivity. The same is true of meeting spaces. Researchers have found that attractive, well-lit spaces with ergonomic furniture are correlated with improved productivity and goal achievement in meetings.
  3. Technology. Some meetings don’t need anything more than chairs and a table. Others require specialized equipment, like a projector or TV you can hook up to your laptop, or a phone with teleconferencing capabilities. So check to make sure that the space you’re renting has any equipment you might need for your meeting.
  4. Support. The level of on-site support you receive can set a great boardroom rental apart from a so-so meeting space. Whether you want help coordinating your meeting, need information about nearby parking and amenities, or require assistance setting up equipment before your meeting starts, on-site support can be invaluable.
  5. Amenities. If you’re meeting with clients or investors, you want them to feel like the VIPs they are to your business. Amenities at your meeting space of choice can make that possible. Friendly front desk reception, free high-speed Wi-Fi for all guests, and complimentary beverages are three easy ways to deliver a great meeting experience.

Boardrooms for Rent at Office Evolution Ogden

At Office Evolution® Ogden, we know how important all the above areas can be in a conference room rental. That’s why the boardrooms at our offices in downtown Ogden earn full marks in each of the categories listed above. We offer a pair of professionally designed meeting rooms for rent in a historic, character-rich space, less than a five-minute walk from Union Station.

Our spaces come with all the features and amenities you need for an effective meeting, including free Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee and tea, on-site support, staffed reception, and available equipment. Our meeting room rentals are perfect for professionals and small businesses based in Ogden or nearby areas, like Roy or Clearfield.

Call 801-783-2888 today for more information on boardroom rentals at Office Evolution Ogden.

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