Why Rent a Virtual Address in Raleigh?

As home-based businesses become more common in Raleigh, many small businesses find themselves without a proper mailing address. This can lead to all kinds of issues with branding, marketing, and even parcel management. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: renting a virtual address.

At Office Evolution® Raleigh, our business address services provide you with everything you need in a virtual address. You’ll get a secure, private mailbox. You’ll enjoy parcel reception and management services. And you’ll get an address that looks and functions just like a regular office address.

Here are five different reasons why this solution is such a good fit for small business owners in Raleigh.

Perks of a Virtual Address in Raleigh

Branding Your Business

While a mailing address might not seem that important for branding, it impacts the way clients perceive small businesses. Businesses that use a residential address on branding materials—or fail to include one at all—are routinely perceived as less serious than their competitors. A virtual address allows you to sidestep this problem, giving you a more legitimate and authoritative image in Raleigh.

Online Marketing

Without a physical office, small businesses face a Catch-22 situation. On the one hand, they often depend on online marketing for leads. On the other, many online marketing channels restrict usage unless you have a commercial mailing address. A virtual business address is typically the simplest and most affordable solution to this problem.

Parcel Management

If you work from home or a coworking space, parcel deliveries present another problem. First, you need to make sure you’re available to sign for deliveries. Second, deliveries can disrupt your workflow, interrupting phone calls or distracting you during periods of focus. At Office Evolution Raleigh, we solve this by accepting parcels on your behalf, so you can pick them up whenever it’s convenient.

Meeting Space

With a business address plan at Office Evolution Raleigh, you’ll enjoy discounts on day office and conference room rentals at our Crabtree Valley location. This not only provides you with access to affordable meeting space, but it also ensures that you’re meeting clients at the same place listed on your business address.

Small Business Services

Renting a virtual address at our business center in Raleigh can also provide you with deep savings on other small business services. By upgrading your plan, you can bundle in services like our live phone answering plan or a coworking membership at our location.

Call Office Evolution Raleigh today at (919) 390-0330 to learn more about our virtual address services.

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