7 Reasons to Choose Telephone Answering Services in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT, is home to a thriving small business community. So it’s no surprise that telephone answering services are especially popular in the Salt Lake area. Live answering and remote reception services give small businesses an affordable way to screen incoming calls, improve customer service, and increase time spent on revenue-generating activities.

At Office Evolution® Downtown Salt Lake City, we’ve seen the impact of telephone answering services on small businesses and independent professionals. But if you haven’t seen that impact for yourself, you might be skeptical about whether or not live reception services are right for your business.

The good news? Even if you can’t see the impact of these services in action, you find out how they stack up against the alternatives. As telephone answering companies have become more popular nationwide, researchers have put them under the microscope. The data they uncovered make it easy to see the value of live answering for modern small businesses.

It’s important to us that small businesses in Salt Lake City find the right phone management solution for their needs. To help, we’ve collected seven key points about telephone answering services, the problems they solve, and alternatives like virtual reception.

How Telephone Answering Services Make a Difference

  1. Call Screening Stops Spam Callers. Call screening helps prevent unwanted distractions by spam phone calls, a major issue for many businesses. How major? According to data from Consumer Reports, spam calls make up 35% of all American phone traffic.
  2. Fewer Spam Calls = More Productivity. A robocall might seem like a small distraction. Hundreds of robocalls, however, are a big problem. Researchers have estimated that American small businesses lose $500 million worth of productivity each year to phone spam.
  3. Callers Expect a Real Person, Not a Robot. Virtual receptionists are popular alternatives to live answering services. At least, they’re popular with businesses. With consumers, it’s a different story. Research by HuffPost in 2016 revealed that 90% of consumers prefer live answering.
  4. Virtual Reception Leads to Dissatisfied Customers.Despite claims to the contrary, virtual reception systems often struggle to deliver what callers need. In the same HuffPost study, only 10% of calls to automated systems resulted in a satisfactory customer service experience.
  5. Small Businesses Miss Most Incoming Calls. Most small business owners have more important priorities than playing the role of receptionist. That helps explain why small businesses fail to pick up the phone for 62% of all incoming calls.
  6. Live Reception Prevents Missed Connections.Voicemail might seem like an ideal way to prevent missed connections. But 7 in 10 callers hang up as soon as they hit an answering machine. Live reception makes it easier for people to connect with you and your business.
  7. Remote Answering Adds Hours to the Workweek. A live telephone answering services plan from Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City can add hours to your schedule, optimizing your productivity. Our services typically save clients two or more hours each week, and over a hundred hours each work year.

Telephone Reception Services in Salt Lake City, UT

If your phone line is tying up your workweek, a telephone answering service is an easy call to make. Give the team at Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City a ring to learn more about our live answering and remote receptionist services, perfect for small businesses and independent professionals based in downtown Salt Lake City, Mill Creek, Murray, Sugar House, Midvale, and other nearby neighborhoods.

Learn more about telephone answering services from Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City today by calling 801-590-4501.

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