What to Look for in an Hourly Office Rental

With such a broad spectrum of small, online and independent businesses popping up these days in Tampa, across the country and around the world, the need for office rentals has shifted from a traditional model of office space rentals to a more ingenuitive and inventive form of office rentals that provides the unique and modern businesses office solutions that fit their needs. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all model of renting office space.

The Evolving World of Work

Business owners and workers have voiced the need for a space to work without the burden of a monthly or yearly lease. And Office Evolution has listened to the demand and crafted a highly attractive alternative to a cookie-cutter model that no longer works in today’s world of fast-pace, rapidly shifting business ventures. The solution of the hourly office rental has allowed businesses to save tremendous amounts of money on overhead costs, while providing them with the comfort, space and services they need access to when they need access to them.

So many business leaders find themselves working on-the-go these days. Taking phone calls and frantically responding to texts and emails from their smartphones. Setting up laptops at home or in public spaces, cafes, libraries… You name it. Hunched over laptops and small screens in uncomfortable seating in places that are a far cry from your typical office space.

The flexibility of a virtual work environment is a freedom so many of us enjoy these days. For many of us working from home, freelancing and owning our own businesses is a way of life that we would not give up without a fight. Still, we may enjoy the flexible schedules, the ability to travel and the freedom to satisfy our creative minds through our work, but, we must ask ourselves, what is missing from this new highly virtual work environment?

Solution: Hourly Office Rental

Hourly office rental is an idea whose time has come. Yes, we agree that highly virtual work is not only necessary but extremely desirable. That has been made clear in a myriad of ways. However, that does not eliminate certain business needs from the picture altogether. The needs left unfilled by virtual work-at-home environments can be filled by flexible and dynamic day office rental in Downtown Tampa.

Since hourly office rental is largely a new, cutting-edge concept on the scene, so many of you may be wondering, what should I be looking for in an hourly office rental? And more specifically, what should you be looking for in day office rental in Downtown Tampa?

You know what you need to run your business or do your job effectively. Chances are you are extremely good at your job and are constantly coming up with solutions to would-be problems in your daily work life. However, when it comes to day office rental in Downtown Tampa, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

When seeking a workspace for the day think about what equipment you will need to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. A day office rental should come equipped with a private space for you to meet with colleagues, customers and clients. One of the main downsides to working virtually, on the road or at home is the missed opportunity to have face-to-face meetings. There are many ways to meet virtually these days, and we’ve all had our fair share of Zoom meetings and Google hangouts.

Still, nothing can replace the confidence you inspire in business partners when they are able to physically sit down together. When the time is right, and in-person meetings are part of our regular working model again, you will want a space that is clean, professional, amply lit and private.

All the Comforts of Work

You should be looking for a working space that suits your need for desk space and open table space for meetings and spreading out documents, etc. All furniture, and especially desk chairs and desks should be modern and ergonomic. Ergonomics is perhaps the first thing to go out the window when we shift to remote work and our bodies are noticing the difference! Hunching over and spending the majority of our day in C-shaped positions leads to problems down the road. We turn to yoga and exercise classes to repair the damage, but nothing can replace a truly ergonomic workstation.

Private phone lines, state-of-the-art scanners, printers and copiers, guest reception and, of course, high-speed fiber Ethernet and WiFi are also a must-have for your hourly office rental. Who among us has not experienced the frustration of interrupted internet service? There is absolutely nothing better at throwing a wrench in your plans for the day. Finding yourself off-schedule, underprepared for an important meeting or unable to communicate with partners and clients has a severe impact on your work.

Now, let’s talk about comfort and productivity. Working from home comes with countless distractions, right? The dog needs a walk, your children are without child-care for the day and can not seem to get along without constant intervention and of course there is the small matter of coffee breaks. With no interns around to make the coffee for you, a coffee break suddenly just turned into a twenty minute venture. It seems like a small detail, but small details absolutely matter. Find out if the hourly office space provides unlimited coffee, tea and filtered water. These comforts and conveniences have a bigger impact on productivity than you would imagine.

Need a day office rental in Downtown Tampa? Get In touch with Office Evolution, and let’s get to work.

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