Four Reasons to Rent a Furnished Office in Tampa

If you're looking for office space to rent in Tampa, FL, you're faced with the choice of renting a furnished office or an unfurnished workspace. While unfurnished workspaces remain the most common type of office rental, more and more small business owners are seeing the value in renting a pre-furnished space.

That's led a number of businesses and independent local professionals to rent private office space at Office Evolution®Tampa. All our offices come fully furnished and ready to use, with the option of renting your space on a month to month agreement.

Unsure whether to choose a furnished or unfurnished workspace? Here's a closer look at four of the top reasons to consider a furnished office rental

Why Choose a Furnished Office Rental

1. Get started quicker. When you rent a furnished workspace at Office Evolution Tampa, you can get started much more quickly than with an unfurnished office. Instead of spending time purchasing, assembling, and arranging office furniture, you'll be able to start working almost instantly. Many professionals at our workplace are able to start using their office within just a few minutes — the amount of time it takes to boot up your laptop and configure an internet connection.

2. Work in high style. If you plan to host clients or investors for one-on-one meetings in your office, you'll need to think about the impression made by your workspace. Unless you've got an eye for interior design, a self-furnished office can send the wrong signals, giving your business a disorganized, amateurish, or outdated appearance. Our pre-furnished offices will instantly provide you with a modern, professional image.

3. Accomplish more. By now, most people know that ergonomics are important for worker health and productivity. Yet few of us have the expertise and budget to optimize our workspace. We've incorporated a range of productivity-boosting features, including ergonomic seating, work-friendly lighting, office plants, and a color scheme designed to increase focus. These features are proven to increase worker output and reduce the frequency of on-the-job mistakes.

4. Be financially flexible. Furnishing an office is an expensive proposition. An ergonomic chair and a high-quality desk can easily cost thousands of dollars, and that's before you add the cost of office storage, task lighting, and decor. By renting one of our furnished offices, you can avoid these upfront costs. This is particularly valuable if you're renting a temporary office with us on a month-to-month agreement, saving you the trouble of renting furniture short-term.

Rent a Furnished Workspace in Tampa 

If you'd like to learn more about furnished office rentals at Office Evolution Tampa, we invite you to tour our workplace. Our office is located in Tampa's thriving Westshore District, and we are easily accessible from St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, and Citrus Park.

By touring our workplace, you'll get a chance to see our furnished business space for rent, as well as shared work areas, like our office kitchen and coworking space. You'll also learn about all the added perks that come with our office rentals, such as our phone answering and business addressservices, meeting room discounts, and professional amenities, like complimentary coffee and tea.

Call 813-591-4500 today to learn more about furnished office rentals at Office Evolution Tampa and book a tour of our workspace.

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