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The Rise of Short-Term Office Space

At Office Evolution®, one thing that sets us apart from other local workspaces is the availability of short-term office space. We offer convenient, flexible agreements that allow you to rent month-to-month office space, without any long-term cost commitments. The same flexibility exists for our coworking space, which is an ideal low-cost option for a temporary workspace. We also have a day office, which can be rented by the hour or by the day for shorter-term uses.

Our short-term and temporary workspace solutions are serving a growing market across the United States. Over the past several years, we’ve seen increased demand for flexible, short-term office space. As businesses become more averse to long-term leases, more and more of them are switching to flexible office space. At the same time, businesses are taking advantage of short-term workspaces in new and creative ways, using temporary office space as a launchpad for pop-up projects, satellite offices, and multi-enterprise collaborations.

Rising Demand for Short-Term Office Space

In almost every major U.S. metro area, more and more businesses are looking for short-term space. This trend is generally viewed as part of the wider coworking movement, which has radically redefined the modern workspace.

So what’s changed to make short-term workspaces so appealing to everyone from creative freelancers to Fortune 500 companies? For one thing, it’s now much easier to get a short-term office up and running. Cloud computing has eliminated the need for paper files and dedicated servers, allowing anyone to set up a workspace anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Another reason is the accelerated pace of modern markets. In the past, businesses were grown on 5-year and 10-year plans. These days, many businesses can accomplish scaling goals in a fraction of that time. The same is true of subsidiary projects and satellite operations.

Under these conditions, it simply doesn’t make sense to commit to a long-term lease. Instead, businesses are renting month-to-month office space which allows them to scale up or scale down their operations as dictated by circumstance.

Flexible Office Space at Office Evolution

At Office Evolution, we’ve been ahead of the curve on the short-term office space trend. Our business centers provide office rentals on month-to-month agreements from the outset, along with flexible coworking memberships and the ability to rent a day office.

We’ve also designed our space to help you make the most of any short-term office rental. All our offices at Office Evolution are pre-furnished so that you have everything you need to hit the ground running, including a private phone line, broadband internet, and secure Wi-Fi.

Our workspace rentals also come with a series of features to help you make the most of every workday, including phone answering services, a business address plan, and free access to our office beverage bar. All these features have made our short-term office space rentals a popular option for professionals.

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