Why Shared Workspace Is Ideal For Attorneys in Private Practice

If you are an attorney with a small practice, shared workspace (or coworking, or flexible workspace) has really good different options for you, whatever your current needs and budget are. 

A Shared Workspace is furnished with high-quality, professional furniture, and includes a kitchen area with room to grab a coffee or tea, snack, and casually socialize.  It offers furnished offices, meeting and conference rooms, day offices, and coworking areas. Whether you need a meeting room for the day, a teleconference session, or just a simple space to meet clients face to face every day, staff can make it happen.

Transitioning from a home office (or from a large practice to your own practice) to a Shared workspace office is simple and easy. With no need to hire administrative staff, purchase or move furniture, and set up networks, you can focus on running your business. The professional staff takes care of the day-to-day tasks of running an office. Greeting your clients, delivering mail, office equipment maintenance, and cleaning are all taken care of for you.

A tremendous advantage of shared workspace is the ability to easily expand as your practice grows. When you need to keep overhead as low as possible, you will want to look at a virtual plan. Virtual plans have low month-to-month fees and will include most of the amenities of a private office—a professional business address, meeting room credits, 50% off meeting room fees, 24/7 access to the center, staffed reception during business hours, etc. You will have your choice of different areas in the center to work from, depending on your preference for different furniture.  Most centers will have a range of open seating/ work areas and more closed-off options.  When you have client meetings, you schedule time in the day office or conference rooms through an online portal or the staff.  Day offices are usually lightly decorated, in addition to the professional furniture and equipment of an office, so all you have to do is show up and put up your own family pictures for a more personal touch. (My Business Center Manager prints out members’ logos to put in the door for a really personalized effect.)

Need a private office to accommodate yourself and some staff?  There will be varying offices of all sizes and price points to suit your particular needs. You will be asked questions to determine what would be the best fit for you at that time, with a look to future plans.

Hiring more people? Unlike a traditional office, Shared Workspace can accommodate changes in your office space needs quickly. Why make the 3-to 5-year commitment to a traditional law office space? Our private offices are available month-to-month, as well for 6-month and 12-month plans. 

Planning for the growth of your business means finding office space that will accommodate your company as it grows. Enjoy the convenience of our flexible workspace so you can avoid any unnecessary overhead.

A further reason to look at shared workspace, in these times of returning to some semblance of normal work, you may find yourself needing a temporary space closer to home to avoid long commutes on public transportation.  We all hope that COVID-19 will cease to be the horrible pandemic it is, but until that time we have to figure out how to work. With young children at home who won’t be going back to school fulltime, you may find the blissful quiet and professional setting at a shared workspace just right for a client meeting or important phone call.

At Office Evolution Walnut Creek, we are ready to discuss options with you to best serve your business needs. Give us a call or email soon!


Written by: Dawn Lopshire

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