| August 14, 2020

Is Flexible Workspace the answer to your WFH woes?

If you have been working from home since March, you are now in your 21st week of remote work.  How’s that going for ya?...

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| July 24, 2020

How to Open Your Own Law Practice during COVID-19

As the months wear on with the pandemic and the need for shelter-in-place and social isolation continues, lots of...

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| July 21, 2020

Member Spotlight - Guru Yeleswarapu

Meet one of our featured #dreamers, #risktakers, and #doers: Siliconvalley4u’s Guru Yeleswarapu! 1. Are you a dreamer,...

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| July 17, 2020

Staying Sane During Crazy Times

Life in the time of a pandemic, now going into its fifth month, has caused a rollercoaster of emotions.  Plans to...

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| July 07, 2020

Mindfulness During a Pandemic

Our jobs pay the bills, occupy many of our waking hours and can even give our lives meaning. They can also be a source...

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| June 26, 2020

Employers Should Embrace Remote Work for Employees

It has been 14 weeks since the shelter-in-place (SIP) orders came down on us all. Employees who could do their jobs...

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