| December 07, 2020

The WNH Workplace

Rhonda Remote: “Gee, I’m homesick!”  Randy Remote: “But don’t you work from home?” Rhonda: “Yes! And I’m sick of it!” I...

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| November 13, 2020

Virtual Meeting Platforms

In the new normal, we have all had to learn how to do meetings a different way. With the advent of COVID shutting down...

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| November 13, 2019

4 Reasons Home-Based Business Pros Leverage Virtual Office Space

Is a virtual office space right for your home-based business?  This is one of the many questions you’ll have to ask...

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| August 06, 2019

Does Office Location Really Matter?

When you think of businesses that dot the New York City skyline, you probably think of high-end companies with loads of...

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| July 02, 2019

How Freelance Designers Leverage Virtual Office Services

If you’ve decided to ditch the corporate world and blaze a new path as a freelance designer, the last thing on your...

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