Welcome Back: prepped for the new normal

March 16, 2020 — the beginning of Shelter-In-Place in the Bay Area. These days, weeks, months have been really challenging, haven’t they? To say the least.

Maybe you suddenly found your young children home all day with you instead of at their daycares or schools and you suddenly became a teacher in addition to your already-full day of work. Maybe you had a graduating high schooler who was suddenly denied all those important last-ever events and you attempted to console them even as your own heart was breaking for them. Maybe your empty-nest became full again with college students who struggled to complete course-work online, cobbled together by instructors with no forewarning whatsoever. Maybe you took over full-time care of an elderly parent. Maybe you were laid-off or lost your livelihood completely.

Ohana, the Hawaiian culture of family, is at the heart of everything Office Evolution does.  Founder Mark Hemmeter spent his formative years in the islands and infused his company with this ethos.  My husband Rhett and I were strongly drawn to this when we were searching for a business model—we have been satisfied with our choice over and over again during our process of opening and operating our center, but never more so than when dealing with the unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Rhett and I, with our Business Center Manager, Callie (also our oldest daughter) have spent the last eleven weeks preparing for this moment. We have participated in countless Zoom meetings parsing the latest details from public health and government officials, chambers of commerce, city partners, networking groups with our corporate parent and fellow franchisees in Office Evolution. 

Our work has helped us to make the best plans possible to open and operate a safe and professional environment for our members and their clients. While there is no guarantee of absolute safety, given the daily-changing nature of the situation, we are confident we have done the best possible job of providing for our members. We will change as necessary if new information merits it and you can trust we will continue to monitor the official information as it becomes available.

We know all of you have been sheltering in place and working from home, just like us and are probably eager to get back to some semblance of normal. Office Evolution Walnut Creek is ready to accommodate current and future members’ needs for office space, co-working space, virtual offices, business addresses, meeting and conference rooms in this new normal. To that end, we have done these things to increase safety:

—Added brand-new furniture to expand virtual drop-in space so our virtual space users can spread out and work at a safer distance from others. 

— Added new lockers so our members can safely store their extra monitors and equipment onsite.

— Installed the highest-quality air filters to the HVAC system (we actually did this in Fall 2019 to alleviate issues caused by the fires)

— Installed signage with up-to-the-minute safety protocols, including mask usage, temperature-taking, cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

—Established cleaning and sanitizing procedures to ensure high standards of cleanliness in all common areas and high-touch areas.

— Provided cleaning and sanitizing supplies for members to use as necessary in non-public areas

All of us at Office Evolution Walnut Creek are committed to our members, and your prosperity and safety.  When you walk through our doors or call us on the phone, you are our priority.  We care about all of you and will work diligently to ensure your success. 

All of our products are designed to be flexible, to fit your current and future space and budget needs.  We also make our offerings all-inclusive so you can easily understand what you are paying for—with no surprises when you see your invoice. For example, if you take a private office space, it is fully furnished with modern, professional office furniture, as well as a phone, high-speed wifi and ethernet, meeting room credits, free scanning faxing and 100 b/w copies per month, all the gourmet coffee and tea you and your clients can drink, and attentive service by our Business Center Manager, Callie. 

Let’s remember we are all in this together, now more than ever. 

We look forward to seeing you again. If you need anything from us, please never hesitate to let us know.  We remain committed to you.


Written by: Dawn Lopshire

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