• Co-working plans

    Shared Work Spaces...Worth the Hype?

    By this time, you’ve probably heard the phrases, “shared work space” and “co-working.” If you are a new start up company or just setting out on your entrepreneurial journey you probably already have this type of membership! But is this new way to work really worth all the hype it is getting in the business world? We would have to say YES!


  • person decided to rent a mailbox in Westlake Village for business

    Rent Mailbox Space for Your Business in Westlake Village

    If you operate a home-based business in Westlake Village CA, you might be weighing whether or not to rent mailbox space for your business. On the one hand, nobody’s stopping you from using your home address for your business. But on the other hand, there are the drawbacks of a residential address: less privacy, compromised security, marketing problems, and more.

  • Professional Mailing Address

    Why Having A Professional Business Address Matters

    When starting a business there is a lot to take into consideration! Once you find your perfect private office or co-working space you need to start thinking about where your business address will be. Below are 5 tips on why you should not choose a PO Box or use your home address for your business mail! 


  • Man sitting at desk writing in temporary office in Westlake Village

    3 Tips on Temporary Office Rentals in Westlake Village

    At Office Evolution® Westlake Village CA, we believe that surging demand for temporary office rentals has been one of the biggest under-the-radar stories of the past few years. While plenty of headlines have called attention to increased demand for temporary workers, fewer headlines have been written about the rise of short term office space rentals and flexible workspace leases.

  • Man sitting at desk writing on computer in executive office in Westlake Village.

    Work Smarter with an Executive Office in Westlake Village

    To build a successful small business, it’s not enough that you work harder than the competition — you also need to work smarter. Informed choices about the way you work and where you work will help you become more productive, more profitable, and, ultimately, more competitive. That starts with a great workspace, like an executive office at Office Evolution® Westlake Village CA.