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Shared Work Spaces...Worth the Hype?

Tom Warekois | July 3rd, 2018

Co-working plans

By this time, you’ve probably heard the phrases, “shared work space” and “co-working.” If you are a new start up company or just setting out on your entrepreneurial journey you probably already have this type of membership! But is this new way to work really worth all the hype it is getting in the business world? We would have to say YES!


Why shared work spaces and co-working plans really are the best thing for your company:

You instantly get to lower your monthly business expenditures by having someone else take care of the leg work. Meaning; when you have another organization to take care of the leasing terms, internet, utilities, maintenance, and just about everything else that comes with renting your own business suite you get to sit back, relax, and pay ONE low monthly payment which frees you up to focus on what matters most, your company!


You gain access to luxury amenities such as meeting rooms, networking opportunities, and discounts. With a shared work space membership, you become more then just a paying customer. You are an affiliate to the establishment. This means you get member perks. Discounts and first priority on conference rooms, monthly network & mingle events, and of course Office Evolution members receive markdowns off of services and products with the businesses we’ve partnered with.


Your office is already primed and ready to go, no more taking out your own trash! With your co-working membership, we’ve done all the thinking for you! You simply get to walk into your office every day and have the daily news waiting on the t.v., your coffee brewing, the copy/print machine all heated up and ready to go and of course your private wifi already connected as you walk through our doors.

They have someone else taking care of all the remedial tasks so they can simply sit down and get to work!


With a virtual membership you still get to collaborate with your peers. Starting your own business can be tiresome and lonely. Working from home doesn’t allow you to chat with co-workers around the coffee machine or bounce ideas off of another entrepreneur. But with a shared work space you suddenly gain access to a thriving community of people just like you!


At Office Evolution in Westlake Village we know that the world of business is changing for the better! With even more creative and flexible membership plans we have what you need to ditch the stuffy and expensive office suite and jump into the virtual world of shared work spaces and co-working plans! Make your switch today!

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