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    What it takes to be a successful business owner

    I believe everyone has an entrepreneur spirit.  The challenge people face as an entrepreneur or successful business owner is taking risks and knowing when to take those risks.  This includes taking the necessary steps (big or small) to work in an environment that supports your business needs.   

  • Office Evolution Must-Have STARTUP To-Do List

    The Must-Have STARTUP To-Do List

    The Must-Have STARTUP To-Do List

    Would you buy your product/service? 
    Will you make a profit at the price? 
    Are you solving a problem? 
    What makes you different from competition? 

    Do you have enough funds for first year living expenses?
    Grants/ Loans/Financing?
    Do you have a clever Business Name?
    Register the domain name/email address.
    Figure out type of business: incorporation or sole proprietorship?
    What permits/licenses are required?

  • Coworking and meeting space

    5 reasons to join shared and coworking space

    At Office Evolution of DuPage, we offer coworking or shared workspaces that are designed to make you successful. Office Evolution is not your typical 4 wall office space, it is the evolution in shared workplace. Whether your business needs expanding, adding a satellite office, or your business just keeps growing, Office Evolution is your solution.

  • Virtual Office for Non-US company

    Get a US Business Address for a Non-US Company with a Virtual Office

    If you’re a non-US business with investors or customers in the US, you want to present an established presence in the US. One way to do this is with a US business address. With a virtual office, you can have an impressive US address without the cost of an office lease.  However, there’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing the provider of your address.

  • Virtual Office for LLC

    How to Form an LLC in New Jersey

    Forming a Limited Liability Company (an LLC) in NJ is an excellent idea for small businesses, including sole practitioners—also known as solopreneurs. You get many of the advantages of owning a larger corporation but skip most of the rules, regulations and compliance issues that larger corporations face.