Office Evolution
Coworking Franchise

Entrepreneur Names Office Evolution “Best of the Best Franchise” 2017-2021

  • Serve close to home small business owners and remote workers
  • Enjoy 93% recurring revenue
  • Great “Ohana” corporate culture.


Learn why the coworking category is rocking and rolling and bursting at the seams.

Dreamers, Risk-Takers, and Doers Inspired Here

Created the ideal concept that has never been more relevant. Built a team with unparalleled industry and franchise experience. Devoted to the success of their franchisees talent?
Committed to an Ohana (Hawaiian for family) corporate culture.

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Office Evolution Coworking Franchise in a nutshell.

73 locations (and growing). 25+ states.
One industry leader.

That’s Office Evolution to a tee.

And here’s what else makes us a leader of flexible workspace.

  • Celebrate and support our member base and their businesses: Their success is our success
  • Close to home, servicing small business and remote workers
  • High density focus on private offices
  • 24/7 national access for members
  • Centralized support, enabling a single employee model
  • Industry leading brand and lead generation
  • Modern, highly functional coworking space
  • Flexible terms and outstanding amenities for members
  • 93% recurring revenue
  • A win-win “Ohana” culture that inspires achievement

Named “#1 Best of the Best Coworking Franchise” 2017-2021.


It’s worth repeating. Industry numbers.

The evolution of business has fueled flexible workspace demand.

  • Represents 1.6% of commercial real estate in the U.S.
  • No segment has seen a greater rise in recent years
  • Coworking category expected to increase 30% this decade

It’s true. We at Office Evolution find ourselves extraordinarily well-positioned to take advantage of the increasingly relevant world of shared office space. Perhaps better said, a multi-billion-dollar flexible workspace category that shows no signs of slowing.

Today’s dreamers, risk-takers, and doers (aka entrepreneurs and small businesses), demand workspace close to home that is affordable, safe, and in inspired.

Office Evolution is more than ready to meet the demand.


While trends have steadily increased demand for flexible workspace, our suburban focus and smaller floorplate keeps costs down. Which means an Office Evolution franchise investment can more easily result in high returns. Particularly if multi-unit ownership

Office Evolution franchise costs and fees:

  • Minimum Investable Liquid Capital: $500,000
  • Minimum Net Worth: $1,000,000

Franchise Fee:

  •  1st unit: $49,500
  • 2nd unit: $35,000
  • 3rd unit: $25,000

(Refer to our FDD Item 7 for specifics on startup costs.)

How did we get here?

17 years ago, a budding entrepreneur became inspired. Mark Hemmeter identified an emerging segment of the commercial real estate market and said, “I can make this better.”.

He set out to build a lifestyle focused and member driven flexible workspace that was affordable, closer to home, and inspired. A place where members had the flexibility to work efficiently and enjoy family activities.

So, in 2003, Mark fearlessly launched Office Evolution, offering convenient office space solutions in suburban markets via a unique subscription-based model.

Mark and COO William Edmundson hired managers who also came coworking industry. They designed Office Evolution locations with one simple question: “What amenities would we want from a coworking location?”

The result is well-received and successful Office Evolution centers now operating in key suburban areas and secondary markets throughout the U.S.

Today, as more individuals seek safe, secure, and affordable places to conduct business and outside of their homes, the services offered by Office Evolution have been deemed essential.

We are uniquely prepared to fulfill the increased demand with qualified franchising partners.

Ohana culture. Ohana support.

Our core value of win-win means your prosperity is our priority.

Our philosophy of Ohana, which means family in Hawaiian, is reflected in our business practices and interactions in a variety of ways. Staff members share a common commitment to helping one another, acting with authenticity, and adhering to a win-win philosophy.

In our franchise training, Ohana ensures you receive ample and ongoing support from experienced pros who eat, breath, and sleep shared office space. Who ensure you are fully prepared to make the most of your Office Evolution investment with a full cross-functional corporate support team enabling a single-employee model:

  • Real estate, construction, and design
  • Sales and marketing
  • Billing
  • Technology
  • Help desk support
  • Business consulting advisory services
  • Ongoing training, support, and opportunities to connect with your Ohana

Hear From our Franchisees

Andy Bean

Atlanta, GA

Michael & Kelly Weilgus

Jacksonville, FL

Kris & Brian Monson

Carmel, IN

Step 1 You Inquire

STEP 1: Inquire

If what we’ve described here intrigues you in the least bit, you owe it to yourself to take the first step. Complete the form on this page. Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll reach out to you.

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STEP 2: Get Introduced to OE

STEP 2: Say aloha

One of our experts will provide an overview of our category and franchise opportunity and explain the development process in more detail.

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STEP 3: Learn About the OE Model

STEP 3: Learn About the Office Evolution Model

Take a deep dive into all aspects of our franchise model, including how we execute our vision, manage real estate and operations, market to prospective members, and more.

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STEP 4: Review Our Territory and FDD

STEP 4: Review Our Territory and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

During this phase, we draw upon our category and territory expertise to work with you on selecting a suitable territory for your franchise. Together, we’ll review the FDD to make sure you understand the numbers involved in building your model.

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STEP 5: Validation with Other Franchisees

STEP 5: Validation with Other Franchisees

Meet some of your future Ohana
You’ll be able to speak with our COO, William Edmundson, as well as other franchisees who can share their experiences with you—an important and exciting part of your journey with us.

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STEP 6:  Finalize Term Sheet and Asset Verification

STEP 6: Validation with Other Franchisees

Our real estate experts will help you zero in on your flexible workspace, simultaneously we’ll conduct an asset verification and draft the mutually agreed upon term sheet.

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STEP 7: You have been invited to Join the Ohana, Day.

Once your term sheet has been finalized, you will receive an invitation to Join the Ohana, Day. Meet and greet our corporate team on both a personal and professional level.

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STEP 8:  Sign the Franchise Agreement

STEP 8: Sign the franchise agreement—and join us!

Congratulations! You are now a valued member of our team, soon to be inspiring future dreamers, risk-takers, and doers.

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