The Process

Joining the Ohana:
Eight Steps To Being Awarded Your Office Evolution Franchise

Our franchise development team takes great pride in working with you, from the moment your reach out to the moment you sign on as an Office Evolution franchisee. After all, the development process has an important purpose – to ensure that you understand what it takes to be successful member of our Ohana. Working together, we’ll work through the steps below in a way that’s as smooth and seamless as possible, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to reap solid financial rewards.

Step 1 You Inquire

STEP 1: Inquire

Interested in an Office Evolution franchise? The first step is to apply, whether you do it online, through a broker or following a lead. Once we receive your application, we’ll reach out to you.

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STEP 2: Get Introduced to Office Evolution

One of our franchise development experts will guide you through the development process with an overview of the category and details on our franchise model.

STEP 3: Learn About the OE Model

STEP 3: Learn About the Office Evolution Model

Take a deep dive into each area of our franchise model and learn how we execute our vision, manage real estate and development, implement sales and marketing strategies, and deal with “back of the house” issues. This is the stuff that makes Office Evolution unique!


STEP 4: Review Our Territory and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

During this phase, we draw upon our category and territory expertise to work with you on selecting a suitable territory for your franchise. Together, we’ll review the FDD to make sure you understand the numbers involved in building your model.

STEP 5: Validation with Other Franchisees

STEP 5: Validation with Other Franchisees

At this point, our franchise development team will put you in touch with our COO, William Edmundson. You’ll also speak with several franchisees who will share their experiences with you.  This is an important and exciting part of your journey with us! 

STEP 6:  Finalize Term Sheet and Asset Verification

STEP 6: Finalize Term Sheet and Asset Verification

We are getting serious now!  You have completed validation and we have mutually agreed to move forward.  Now, meet our real estate experts and zero in on your office space, while we draft the term sheet and conduct an asset verification. This is your ticket to our Ohana Day!


STEP 7: Meet the Office Evolution Team at Ohana Day

All your hard work – and ours – culminates in Ohana Day. This is where you and our corporate team really get to know one another. Remember, we’re your support staff, your cheerleaders and your collaborators, and we’re solidly committed to our mutual success!

STEP 8:  Sign the Franchise Agreement

STEP 8: Sign the Franchise Agreement and Join our Ohana!

Congratulations! You are now a member of the fastest growing coworking franchise in the nation.  It’s time to get out there and spread our Ohana to the entrepreneurs, risk-takers and doers out there…and to achieve financial success together!

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