Landlords: Find out how having an “OE inside”
can enhance your building.

Are you ready to enhance your building’s performance?

When an Office Evolution is inside your building, you will better monetize underutilized space and provide tenants with value-added amenities. We invite you to find out more about the unique benefits of joining our growing nationwide network of coworking/flexible workspaces.

Voted Best of the Best 2017-2021. Find Out Why!


With 140+ units sold nationwide and 72+ currently open, Entrepreneur Magazine has awarded us the designation of #1 coworking spaces franchise in the nation. Inc. 5000 recently announced our 194% jump to the rank of 2176. We look forward to connecting and sharing how OE would add value to your building.

The benefits of having an OE inside your building:

  1. Enhance your tenant experience: Give your tenants access to swing, overflow, and project space.
  2. Provide value-added amenities: Give tenants access to meeting rooms, day offices, reception, and secretarial service.
  3. Generate a tenant feeder system: Grow emerging companies into your traditional office model.

Monetize underutilized space and give tenants value-added amenities.

93% recurring revenue:

Our subscription-based model yields 93% recurring revenue.

Turnkey opening and operation:

It has never been easier to open and run a flexible workspace in your building. Our robust back-of-house support enables a single-employee, manage-the-manager model.

Single-employee model:

Only one office manager is required to run the operation.

National brand power with local ownership benefits.

Our unique category position

Target Market: Established small business owners of professional services firms, typically married with children, age 35+ who live and work in the same community—lower risk than the millennial, start-up audience.

Location: Solid suburban business model. Smaller space = less exposure = quicker ramp to profitability. Higher office density yields more revenue, more predictable revenue, and longer-term revenue.

Owner operated: Why does that work?  Our competition is more institutional and less involved in their clients needs. We invite you to find out more!

Independent operations who have joined the Office Evolution system have an average revenue increase of 43% in two years.

Learn about our landlord offering

Office Evolution is the largest network of locally owned and operated coworking locations in the nation. See for yourself from a landlord’s perspective with our new brochure!