Conference Room - Alpharetta, GA

Conference Room in Alpharetta, GA

The conference room is the heart of any business or organization. The place where you outline all of your ideas, discuss future plans, breakdown finances, etc. all happen in that oval office. No office would be complete without an area for you to, actually, confer in.

We at Office Evolution knew to anticipate your business needs and provide a variety of rooms for you to use at your leisure. Whether your company needs to have a board meeting or you want to conduct an interview we have the space and the conference room available. Even if you are looking to train a group of your employees, we have you covered.

Small Meeting Rooms

Our small meeting rooms are perfect for intimate settings. It, comfortably, holds up to 6 people. This is perfect for those start up teams or meetings with partners.

  • Intimate
  • 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Start Up Groups

Medium Meeting Rooms

The medium sized meeting rooms provide an intimate setting with room for more participants. If you’re not sure about how many people may show up but want to have enough space covered, in case, this is perfect. These rooms usually seat 12 or so people.

  • Spacious yet Intimate
  • Group Interviews
  • Ideal for Expansive Business Growth

Large Meeting Rooms

Our largest meeting rooms are wide and open enough to entertain meetings if you are expecting a big crowd. These rooms seat up to 18 people, comfortably.

  • Board Meeting Ready
  • Room Enough for Focus Groups
  • Event Planning
  • Training Rooms

These are our largest rooms and are standing room only. If you have a large group to teach or instruct this is the perfect space for your needs. Up to 25 people or so can comfortably maneuver in these rooms.

  • Exercise Groups
  • Employee Acknowledgement
  • Network Gatherings

Conference Room Services

In every conference room we will have you fully equipped with what you need to have a successful and productive meeting.

  • Business Center Manager – Our BCM floats as necessary and provides daily office needs such as receptionist duties.
  • Whiteboard – Refer to a visual representation on the traditional teaching surface.
  • Complimentary Coffee, Water, and Tea – Refill as necessary with our free unlimited condiments.
  • Projector – Give your high-end professional presentations to your team or a group of investors.
  • TV – Make your presentation count.
  • Polycom Conference Speakerphones – For those virtual meetings with clients who cannot physically be there.

It’s easy to see why professions in Alpharetta have been thrilled with these services. Contact us today to schedule your next meeting–we’ll make it your best yet!