Rent Mailbox Space in Alpharetta for Your Small Business

Your home can be a great place to launch a new business, giving you a cost-effective workspace for small-budget operations. However, starting a home business in Alpharetta comes with an important choice: Do you use your home address for business communications? Or do you rent mailbox space at a local business center?

At Office Evolution® Alpharetta, we know how important this choice can be. A business mailbox can make a huge difference in terms of your personal privacy, the security of your written communications, and the way in which you market your business, among other benefits. Given the low cost of a private mailbox rental, business address services are a smart investment for almost anyone running a home business.

Why Rent a Mailbox for a Home Business?

Business address services are a popular option for home business owners in Alpharetta GA. To help understand the appeal of these services, here’s a closer look at some key benefits of a dedicated business mailbox…

Privacy. A business mailbox gives you a dedicated local address to use for business purposes. This way, you don’t need to list your home address on important documents, shielding you from privacy concerns.

Security. Private mailboxes are secured by lock and key to safeguard the contents inside. If you have an unsecured home mailbox, this can safeguard you, your business, and your clients from identity theft.

Marketing. Many websites won’t let you register your business if you use a residential address or a P.O. box. So when you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Alpharetta, you’ll have better access to online marketing channels.

Branding. With a residential address, potential clients might not take you or your business as seriously as they should. But with a business mailbox, your address will look like it belongs to an office-based business.

Travel. Professionals who rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Alpharetta can travel with peace of mind. Our mail management services ensure that your mail is secure and waiting for you when you return.

Convenience. A basic Business Address plan at Office Evolution Alpharetta includes professional parcel reception services. This way, you won’t need to wait around all day when you’re expecting an important delivery.

Private Mailbox Rentals in Alpharetta GA

In addition to all the above-listed benefits, mailbox rentals at Office Evolution Alpharetta come with the advantage of affordability and flexibility. On a basic Business Address plan, you could be spending as little as $79/month. You also have the choice of renting your unit on a long-term agreement or opting for a month-to-month rental.

What’s more, you also have the option of upgrading to a Professional Plan or a Professional Plan Plus. Both of these plans include a coworking membership, while the Professional Plan Plus has the addition of live phone answering services. Both of these services are popular with home business owners, helping them run effective and efficient home office operations.

Accessed easily from North Point Parkway and minutes away from Avalon, North Point, and North Point Mall, our business center is the perfect place to rent mailbox space in Alpharetta GA. To learn more about how to get started, call us at 470-233-7090!

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