Top 5 Things People Look for in Their Office Space

Heading to work shouldn’t feel the same as prison. Even on days when your job is a drag, your office space shouldn’t be. In today’s world, companies are learning that employees who can look forward to a positive environment tend to have a better outlook during the work day. So, for those employers that are looking to spruce up their office – what exactly should their space include? Office Evolution Alpharetta Area Director Andy Bean dives deep into the top five things that people look for in their office space.


While an open environment and natural light are desired in an office space, a completely open layout is not exactly desirable in a co-work space. The space should be inviting, but not a place where you are not able to get away for a private conference call or in-person meeting.

“It’s important to have a collaborative environment, but still have a place to escape for a meeting,” said Bean. “At Office Evolution specifically, we have glass to let natural light in, but the glass is frosted so that you get the privacy you need for important meetings. Just because you are in a co-work environment doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like you have your own areas.”

Comfortable Space

For full-time professionals, most of their days are spent in the office. Because of this, the office most be comfortable. In the literal sense, it’s important to have furniture and a layout that is easy to complete a day’s work without needing to separate yourself from the space for long periods of time. But it should also be a space where the professional feels comfortable being themselves. This can be done by having a professional space that is not too stuffy. There should be couches available to take calls and color in the office décor and furniture so that it does not feel like a plain white cell. After all, professionals are making some of their most important decisions in this space.


As a business grows, so does the need for additional security. Professionals are constantly dealing with private documents that should not get in front of people outside of the business. The office space should have a receptionist or an area for reliable deliveries that will always get to the right person.

“There should always be someone to sign for the packages when the business owner is not able to sign for them,” said Bean. “You don’t want your packages to wind up in the hands of anyone – so make sure you find a space where you feel comfortable having these important documents mailed to.”

Updated Amenities

During a strenuous day of work, brag-worthy amenities are something to look forward to. Things like a newly updated gym, complimentary coffee or outdoor seating – these are areas where professionals are able to get away without having to completely leave the office. Amenities are so important to get a change of scenery and get the blood flowing, and then ultimately being able to conveniently get right back to work.

Trustworthy Wifi

In today’s world – we’re always connected. So, in our office space, good Wifi is key. One of the first things professionals will look for in a new office space, whether a co-working environment or their full-time space, is fast Wifi. It should allow for Skype conferences and streaming presentations.

“Staying connected is crucial to today’s work environment,” said Bean. “Wifi might be the single most important factor in a good office space. Our work day is centered around it and without it, it can be nearly impossible to stay productive.”