Virtual Office - Alpharetta, GA

Virtual Office Solutions in Alpharetta, GA

We have taken note of the fact that Alpharetta, GA, is becoming a hot bed of entrepreneurs and businessmen. The old formula of corporatism, quite simply, no longer fits the mold of the modern visionary or thinker. Individuals, all over the world, are stretching their mental wings and seeing beyond the conventional way to work.

Office Evolution caters to the unconventional, the free thinker. Our virtual office encompasses everything we have to offer and then some. The truly creative can find ways to utilize our services that we may not have even thought of yet.

Co-Working Space

Many of our offices are open spaces for you to utilize as a calm, quiet, professional areas. Because these areas are open you will be in the vicinity of other individuals, like yourself. We encourage you to engage and network if you are interested in expanding your contacts and resources.

For the shy individual who wants to just shut up and work, we offer individual offices to sequester yourselves away in. These rooms can be by the hour or all day, depending on your needs. You are welcome to utilize both in any capacity you so choose.

Conference Rooms

Included in our virtual office is the essential to any office. Truly utilize the office experience by using one of our conference rooms. Our conference rooms come in different sizes to fully cater to your business needs.

  • Small Meeting Rooms
  • Medium Meeting Rooms
  • Large Meeting Rooms
  • Training Rooms

Mail & Address Services

If receiving your residence mail is hassle enough and you don’t want it entangled with your business mail you can register your business with Office Evolution and receive an address through us! After you’ve registered you will receive a secure lock box and a key that only you have access too. We will receive, sort, and forward your mail, depending on your instructions.

This will help legitimize your business online since Google does not recognize home addresses as businesses.

Phone Answering Services

Our Business Center Manager handles all of your calls at the nearest center to you. If you are traveling and are in-route our client care center will still be available to handle your calls for you and keep you notified. We will answer, announce, screen, and transfer your calls.


Some of the things we offer:

Free Wi-Fi

Complimentary Coffee & Tea

Polycom Speakerphones

24/7 Access

Don’t Miss Out

Finding a virtual office has never been easier in Alpharetta. With all of the services you could need, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best: your business!