Ann Arbor for Business and Pleasure

Ann Arbor has a been voted as #13 of the top 100 best places to live by Ann Arbor is a vibrant community for both business and pleasure.

Ann Arbor is a great place to experience world-class dining or unique shopping. Many people travel in for its business climate or travel here for an major event – like a University of Michigan a football game at the Big House or the world famous Art Fair or a business conference. Whatever the reason maybe be for traveling to Ann Arbor – If you have the need to get business done while you are here. Office Evolution Ann Arbor offers business solutions for visitors of all kinds.

Office Evolution offers business support services including everything from day offices for the individual mid-size conference rooms through training rooms for up to 20-25 people. If you are setting up a business in Ann Arbor and need a way to get established; Office Evolution can get you started from a business address plans, virtual phone answering and reception services, co-working space plans all the way through to professional office space plans with kitchen and support amenities included.

Regardless of why you travel to the Ann Arbor area, you’ll discover something more and you’ll discover something real.

Creative ideas come to life through events, shops, business, art and music. This is where champion athletes reach for the stars and groundbreaking chefs work their magic in the kitchen. This is where you can find local produce, live music and luminous art. Fine dining, unmatched cultural opportunities, and world-class attractions are all staples of this vibrant, and cosmopolitan city. This is where life is different.

If you are Interested conducting business, starting a business or growing your business in Ann Arbor just contact us – our contact information is listed below.

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