The Rise of the Corporate Coworker in Ann Arbor

It’s not surprising that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how, when, and where corporations are doing business. Many local restrictions have forced companies to temporarily close, which means many companies have sent their employees home to work. In response, the corporate coworking trend has gained steam.

To be fair, many corporations were already exploring and testing remote work methods and coworking spaces long before the pandemic spread in the United States. However, pandemic conditions have helped more companies recognize the need to have remote work policies and strategies in place, and realize that breaking with tradition can be done out of need, not just luxury.

The use of coworking spaces by corporations offers a number of benefits aside from giving employees a place to work. It’s not just about creating an office setting (because let’s face it, any corporation can do this internally), but rather allowing companies to grow their resources without expanding their own physical footprint.

At Office Evolution, we’ve seen a number of corporate coworking trends emerge in recent months that make a strong case for coworking as a strategy. Here’s a closer look at how coworking can benefit corporations and the people they employ for greater productivity, flexibility, and business continuity.Read More.

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