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3 Tips on Renting a Temporary Office in Aurora CO

While there are plenty of benefits to a long term office lease, short term office space rentals could be the workspace solution of the future. As markets become more fast-paced and fluid, fewer businesses are looking to make long term commitments when renting office space. That’s led to rising demand for temporary office space, a trend that’s gaining momentum in Aurora, Parker, and other nearby communities.

At Office Evolution® Aurora CO, we’re seeing more and more interest in temporary office rentals from businesses of all sizes and all backgrounds. Some of the different types of businesses utilizing short term office space rentals include:

  • Out-of-town professionals who need to rent office space for a day, a week, or a month when doing business in Aurora.
  • Local startups that use short term office space to quickly launch and scale their businesses, with minimal upfront costs.
  • Larger companies that rent temporary offices in Aurora and Parker to minimize overhead and setup time on short term projects.

Thinking of leasing a temporary office in the Aurora CO area? If so, it’s important that you avoid common mistakes that businesses make when renting short term office space. Here are three tips to help you do exactly that…

Temporary Office Space Needs to Be Functional

The market for temporary office rentals in Aurora contains no shortage of fashionable workplaces. But not all of these spaces are as functional as they could be or should be. In an effort to attract young professionals and cutting-edge startups, many of these workspaces sacrifice productivity for contemporary style. While some spaces manage to balance substance and style effectively, be wary of short term office rentals that prioritize aesthetics over workflow.

focus on Ready-For-Use Office Rentals

Minimizing upfront costs and quickly scaling operations are two of the biggest reasons to rent temporary office space in the Aurora area. Short term workspace rentals typically come pre-furnished and include access to everything you need in an office, including high-speed internet and a dedicated phone line. If a temporary office lacks any of the above, you’ll need to think carefully about how this will impact the time and money needed for you to get up and running.

Look for Added Value in a Shared Workspace

Many of the best temporary office options in Aurora are found in shared office environments. Whether you rent office space for a day or month-by-month, a shared workspace could be the perfect fit. A shared office environment will give you access to a range of professional resources and put you in contact with local professionals from a diverse array of backgrounds.

Office Evolution Aurora is the perfect example of the benefits to renting a temporary office in a shared workspace. We offer day office rentals and month-by-month private office leases in the heart of the Southlands. Our workspace includes a coworking area, community office equipment, a shared kitchen with unlimited hot beverages, and dedicated onsite support to help you make the most of your space.

Learn more about temporary office rentals at Office Evolution Aurora by calling us today at (303) 376-6323.