3 Ways To Redesign Your Digs for Improved Workability

Is there a certain way you organize your desk every day? You are not alone the concept of organizing workspaces originated during the industrial revolution with managers trying to find out tactics for making their employees more productive. With the original goal, to reduce injuries, being elevated with research into how well-maintained workspaces enhance productivity and overall well-being.

Research also proves that our workplaces can even make us mentally and physically sick aside from draining productivity. If you are a business owner, don’t let something as simple, yet as easy to forget as the environment you work in impair your performance. When creativity and consistency are the centers of importance — shifting our workplace to meet our needs becomes more important than ever.

As business owners, we are always worried about the bottom line, and we consistently ask ourselves things like, ‘what is this going to cost me?’ Well, stress costs money more than can ever be factored and while aspects like job security aren’t predictable, there are some ways to downplay environmental factors that can trigger stressful situations.

If the effects of stress weren’t deteriorating enough according to a 2012 Yale University Study, chronic stress reduces brain volume. The need to reduce stress in the workplace isn’t a luxury and instead is vital to a successful businesses survival. Stumped on where to begin? Below are 3 Ways To Redesign Your Digs for Improved Workability:




New workplace designs focus on lighting, specifically ways to make it more natural. The use of table lighting can instantly make a room that was overbearing extremely practical. Try to avoid white fluorescent lighting which studies have proven increases eye strain, affects hormone levels, and could worsen depression. Light is a critical aspect of vision, which ultimately makes up around eighty percent of the world we see around us. When looking at lighting in this “light”, it’s easy to see how ignoring this aspect of room workability could impact your success rate along with your employees.

Can you remember moving a lamp or a chair across the room and feeling a sense of, ah, sweet relief! It wasn’t an accident; it was science or, at least, Feng-Sui a practice governing design for thousands of years. Now real estate agents across the US are using the tradition to close deals and sell more homes than before. With clearing clutter and setting an intention being a few basic premises, the idea is for your workspace to reach a new level of harmony.

You can design your workspace with the appropriate light levels and even harmonize the space through techniques like Feng Sui, but if you aren’t doing business in space meant for business, you are missing the point entirely. You see, to be successful you need a place around you where individuals are doing the same. The energy you catch by surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is second-to-none. Do you have a place that’s convenient, professional, and already designed for your businesses needs? A Virtual Office at Office Evolution – Aurora could be the solution to your workspace needs. Click Here to learn how there are more options in office space than meets the eye.

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