Does Office Location Really Matter?

When you think of businesses that dot the New York City skyline, you probably think of high-end companies with loads of money, right? What about companies that call San Francisco or Silicon Valley home?  

Those cities are known for expensive real estate and some of the world’s most well-known brands. When you see businesses that share this city, your mind automatically thinks of affluence, strength, and renown. Even companies you’ve never heard of get an automatic reputation boost if their location is associated with those of elite companies.  

If you’ve ever wondered if your own business location matters, this visionary exercise clearly says it does. However, you don’t have to stake out an office suite in Manhattan or California to project an image of success and wealth.  

The virtual office is making it easy for companies to get a real address in major cities, even if you have no intention of setting up a physical workspace there. And, for companies that rely on a remote workforce, the virtual office space makes an ideal solution. Virtual offices give you all the benefits of having a real office address that you can print on your business cards or publish on your website. The only difference is that you don’t have an actual space to maintain (which can be expensive).  

Here’s why you should choose your office location wisely and what impact it can make on your company image, profitability, and even the people you hire. Read more.

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