How Coworking Spaces Can Help Aurora Professionals Thrive

If you work in Aurora, Parker, or elsewhere in the Denver metro area, it’s hard not to notice the buzz around coworking spaces. Over the past decade, professionals have been flocking to shared workspaces Even local employers are starting to get in on the action. Many businesses now give workers access to shared workplace memberships, while others have modified their offices to mimic shared workplace designs.

Wondering how coworking became so popular in Aurora and other American cities over the past few years? You’re not the only one. In fact, it’s been one of the business world’s most hotly discussed topics since 2015. That was the year that the Harvard Business Review brought attention to a game-changing study on shared workspaces.

In that study, researchers were trying to learn what factors lead to thriving employees. Partway through the study, the researchers decided to examine the effects of different work environments. That led to a surprising discovery: workers in coworking spaces reported thriving at levels more than 20% higher than workers in regular offices. This was “something so unheard of” that the researchers had to go over their own data to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.

Benefits to Coworking in Aurora

So why do professionals tend to thrive when they rent a coworking space like Office Evolution® Aurora? While no two workplaces are exactly the same, shared work environments tend to offer a number of key benefits over typical offices. These benefits include…

  1. Community Atmosphere. When surveyed, workers in shared work environments consistently report a stronger sense of community compared to office workers. Workplace culture in these spaces is more relaxed, interactions occur more organically, and relationships are free of office politics. This leads workers to feel more comfortable, develop relationships more easily, and feel more invested in their work community.
  2. Professional Diversity. In most workplaces, your department, company, and industry will limit who you interact with on a day-to-day basis. That’s not the case in shared work environments, where workers come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and possess a diverse array of skillsets. This creates a more collaborative workspace, one that encourages innovation and networking opportunities.
  3. Freedom and Flexibility. A shared workspace can make your work-life more manageable, focused, and productive. In a typical office, your schedule is dictated by your employer. When you work from home, your schedule is dictated by your family life. But when you work in a coworking space like Office Evolution Aurora, you have total control over the hours you want to work.
  4. Productive Workspace. Despite employers’ best intentions, the average office suffers from poor workplace design. That’s just as true of home offices, which tend to be rife with distractions. Meanwhile, a high-quality shared workplace will leverage principles of productive design to create a space that minimizes distractions and optimizes focus.
  5. Resources and Amenities. Home offices and corner coffee shops are the two most popular alternatives to coworking spaces. Neither offers the resources or amenities of a space like Office Evolution Aurora. At our shared workspace, you’ll find essential office equipment, a community kitchen with free coffee and tea, staffed reception services, weekly networking functions, onsite support. Members also get discounts on work space for rent, including day office and meeting room rentals.

Discover the benefits of coworking at Office Evolution Aurora. We offer a range of shared workspace membership packages, with affordable options for monthly and yearly memberships. Located in the Southlands Lifestyle Center, we’re the perfect local coworking space in Aurora for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other local professionals.

Learn more about coworking at Office Evolution Aurora and find out how you can get one free hour of shared workspace access by calling 303-376-6323 today.