Rent Mailbox Space for Your Home Business in Aurora

Do you operate a home business in Aurora CO? If so, you need to cope with the challenges of running a business with a residential address. That can lead to a range of small and not-so-small issues. One solution is to rent mailbox space at a local business center, like Office Evolution® Aurora. We offer private mailbox rentals for local professionals and small business owners, provided at affordable rates on flexible agreements.

A business mailbox rental at Office Evolution Aurora offers a host of important benefits for any home business. These include better privacy, secure communications, and a more professional image. And if you’re running a virtual office, you might also want to consider our professional plan bundles, which allow you to package a mailbox rental with other professional services, like phone answering services or use of our coworking space.

Benefits of a Business Mailbox Rental

Renting a business mailbox at Office Evolution Aurora comes with an extensive range of benefits for local small business owners…

Increased Privacy. When home business owners rent mailbox units in Aurora, they reclaim a degree of personal privacy. A business mailbox will come with a dedicated address, which you can use in place of your home address for correspondence, communications, and important documents.

Mail Security. As a business owner, your mail contains sensitive and often confidential information. To protect that information, we provide private mailboxes, which are fully secured by lock and key. We also operate a secure parcel reception service for larger and/or specialized deliveries.

Online Marketing. A number of online marketing channels refuse will punish your business if you use a residential address. Renting a business address through one of our mailbox rentals will allow you to use these channels, boosting your online visibility.

Professional Image. Many people still look down their noses at any business with a residential address. A dedicated business address lends a more confident, resourceful, and professional air to your business, helping you make a stronger impression on potential and existing clients.

Rent Mailbox Units in Aurora CO

At Office Evolution Aurora, we make it easy to rent mailbox space for your home business in Aurora CO. On a basic Business Address plan, you can rent mailbox units for as little as $79/month. This gives you a private mailbox for your business, a local business address in Aurora, and secure parcel reception services. You’ll also enjoy discounts on meeting rooms and day office rentals, making it easier to meet up with local clients.

In addition to a business address plan, you can also rent mailbox space at our Aurora business center through our professional service bundles. Our Professional Plan combines a private mailbox rental with access to more than ten coworking spaces in the Denver metro area, including our shared workspace in the Aurora Southlands. And if you upgrade to our Professional Plan Plus, you’ll also enjoy our live phone answering service, a perfect choice for anyone running a virtual office.

Office Evolution Aurora provides mailbox rentals to professionals in Aurora CO and surrounding areas, like Parker. Call 303-376-6323 today to learn more about how you can rent mailbox space at our business center.

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