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John Sherry

May 24, 2021

Amy was a phenomenal office manager! She provided exceptional service and she was a pleasure to be around in the office. If you are looking for an office to rent, go see Amy!

Father Michael Messina

Mar 27, 2021

Amy the office manager was always responsive and helpful! And the space we used was perfect for our needs!

Jon Rottier

Mar 25, 2021

I 100% recommend Office Evolution, and especially a callout to Amy the office manager – who always went out of her way to make sure me and my clients were accommodated professionally and with a smile. I’ve been using Office Evolution for several years and their support has been fantastic, at a great value. Also, their huge 2nd story patio is awesome to view the Southlands concerts in the summer.

Dallas Rasmussen

Feb 10, 2021

Tim Zeman

Feb 09, 2021

I have my networking meetings here (Southlands). Amy is awesome and the offices are very clean. The atmosphere is fun and professional.

C Griffin

Jan 30, 2021

John Pope

Jan 04, 2021

Such a pleasure dealing with this location. Amy is a Star providing outstanding service.

Jason Read

Nov 03, 2020

We’ve had nothing but great experiences being OE members. Amy, the office manager, has been wonderful to work with, the location is great, and getting to know the other business members has been very nice.

aj hayden

Oct 22, 2020

Great place to have meetings or if you need an affordable office space away from home. Amy is great to work with!

Gregg Barbour

Oct 22, 2020

Office Evolution is an incredible place to host meetings, and looks like a great office space for those working from home. They also have wonderful opportunities for virtual office space with a small monthly fee – WiFi, and excellent coffee included!
You’ll love working with the office manager, Amy who is very hospitable, and makes you feel right at home!

Dawn Cassaday

Oct 21, 2020

Office Evolution at Southland’s is fabulous! I was first invited to a networking party on the outside deck about 2 years ago and loved everything about it. The location is prime and Amy Geels keeps a professional and friendly environment. I now network of Office Evolution on a regular basis and do business with at least 3 professionals with offices within. Amy is the smile that greets you each time you enter and ensures that doing business there lifts your spirits. If you are looking for a clean, convenient and friendly location to office out of full time, part-time or Hybrid as we call it these days, You should definitely call Amy to find out more.

Michael Bailey

Aug 06, 2020

Great office space. The center’s manager Amy is always helpful

Christopher Little

Feb 07, 2020

Aurora Office evolution does a phenomenal job. I can’t recommend them enough. The environment is very professional, clean, and fits the needs of my business very well. I just can’t say enough good things. Additionally, Amy, the Office Manager is absolutely fantastic. She is friendly, courteous, prompt, and all around on top of things.

Jenna Mariah

Jun 27, 2019

Such a hidden gem!! The rooftop space worked PERFECTLY for our event. It was not only affordable, but perfectly put together and easy to add our party/decor touch to! They have a tables for things like food and extras. They had cute and comfy couches for guests, it was spacious and looked out over the mall terrace. Booking and check in was seamless! We will definitely be reserving this space again in the future.


Jun 06, 2019

Peter Elsby

Feb 21, 2019

I have worked at office Evolutions Southlands for the past two years and absolutely love the facility and Amy makes everyone feel at home and comfortable. If you are looking or office space that is clean with good amenities and centrally located then you can’t go wrong with Office Evolutions.

Rob Lee

Feb 15, 2019

Office evolution has made a tremendous difference in my business! Amy has been great to work with! She is a true team player! Thank you!

Tina Sorensen

Jan 15, 2019

As soon as you walk in, you feel welcomed in a professional environment. I would recommend the office space to anyone who is looking fro a great place to network, host meetings or just get work done! Amy is amazing and can help you determine what will be best for your needs.

kerry hettick

Dec 30, 2018

Great office space friendly staff

Richard Gama

Oct 17, 2018

I researched a lot of virtual office spaces before deciding on this one. Great competitive prices, modern clean facilities, very convenient locations, and Amy at the Southlands Mall location is super friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend them if you are considering an alternative to a ‘brick and mortar’ office.

Dr. Sara Metz

May 24, 2018

Clients often comment about the great vibe the office has! I love the space.

Chris Griffith

Jul 07, 2017

I use the conference room and day office on a frequent basis. It is a very professional set up and clients are made to feel welcome. Highly recommended.

Joshua Talbert

Feb 22, 2017

Joe Grande

Jan 14, 2017

I had an office here for a time and have used the conference room. Very professional office that is well run.

Steve Umoren

Sep 13, 2015

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